Today we're going to be. YouTube videos that I enjoyed watching. Want to limit. Video called the Whiskey Rebellion the newest song is a song by the band the. Whiskey rebellion and it's just about the Goonies about the movie and they and. They do this thing where this year's motif and the soundtrack of the movie. It's like to do they do that in the song like everything is due to call back to. That song that soundtrack here's one with the police there. Like. Get this antenna. Get there. Toy that doesn't really be able to get their man does and it at the end of the. Video camera looks down and there's an academy up until a performance of the. Song I like probably 1986 I'm guessing pretty sure that was before he killed. Himself as a good performance in this is the song and album version of the song. Uses a dream will put in the version that have. German forces from sleater kinney. Drama she does a good job of replicating the framework. And she does this thing at the end. At The Exorcist and the concert where she liked. Looks on their wrists and then runs off like I think I see my ex in the audience. Is available for cannot wait and bleed. Radio Disney version. This. Busting. Aside there's a song title. Metal Gear Solid Snake. 94 my favorite over Saturday most. Best done. Are being really enamored with. Corporation in the chorus. Trying to figure it out harmonic analysis it had this circle that if. Things going today. And what it was. Goldmark salute on your self defense. Videos and public access TV in San Diego where mark salud is like a tracker seen. A person place playing his music live in a tractor trailer. I mean he knew the channel with the lead in it and plays the lead. Is a nigga keyboard certainly just over Texas TV shows and movies as well like. Introduction to affect all test was a natural thing here is a video tribute. Child robot I guess that I remember it take us to help you out and it probably. Is a video called duck tales TV and Sherrill got the book tells the song and. Then some live action steps in costume. Not safe for work stuff happens. Gross like. Fuel stuff. New Kids on the Block commercial where there's. Go to utica 1909. Kids or even sort of talk to the new kids on the block. Are sort of listen to them. Hey. Money per minute. Is a video called cool exercise with humans. As a picture of like people into the best teams in their exercise and they. Say things like your arms like you're in the mud. Argue with an ibex. The guy that's going to try to interview in a. Backs and the IDX keeps yelling at him spitting in his face. Pretty amusing. I just called to do think girls are talking Carol Stream trade. Video we're just talking Carl is apparently an iPhone app. Where it repeats but its shares that huh. It shifted up and so. This one does is the. Video is chile's running side by side so they keep hearing that the other one. Says and trying to. It shifted up in it. Generation to school early. Digital noise is very I am sitting in a room. A black shirt on her transfer material. Ever a Michael Jackson song uses the max are not so pretty good song was a video. Called 120 to 140 minute long video where they sing a hundred verses of a. Cat don't don't squeeze their party hard and that's one of the ways. There's a video called San Francisco refresh refresh its intended 6400 San. Francisco rush has a soundtrack for a little drum loops and vocal samples and. It's very unusual like very like it's hard to tell whether it's deliver it but. It's certainly not mainstream and its survey to determine as bad but I just. Love it I just love listening to it. Trapped in on that stand it's like a guy who's next and squeaks like Chewbacca. Sounds which skips doing that because it's fine. Here's a video called weiser shreds kiss threads and treads is a series of videos. Rare St Sanders or same standard of something something somewhere in other. Words does he takes music video to live performances and overdubs them with. Horrible performances that are sound like that match the visual performance. So it looks like they're playing but it's not the original audio and then. Took that and started and took the video cassettes and actually learn to play it. Live performance at the performance of that piece. Brandenburg Concerto No 3 1st movement Allegro it's a video of Brandenburg. Concerto anniversary first movement Allegro which is a piece today so that's. Why i like that video just doesn't fit in this box and he tries to sleep in the. Box anyway despite a slight not fitting in it and he's there's a video call girl. Goes crazy with her camera special affection assist like a girl with. Special effects webcam and just enjoying it like the sparrow face thing is. Laughing at it here on time nutri Apple it's a band called $0 nutria and it was. So long ago she was pretty good song got around our playing piano and then two. Other guys and they're playing a song like that song. Over 16 years as a good song with these days there 230. Blanket our boxing video. Close to your face every Jupiter being surprisingly terrifying. Utensil. Share that. I do this. These effects are they. Frames from the video and they only have. Between frames. The existing frame. So it's just. Things where lake. Because rich and one shot and that marching to a different shots or go. Video. Hands on him. Just like. Things properly. Anyway. To do with this next gen dribble. Take Super Mario Brothers. Knows the soundtrack to be sound effects. Steps. Of serbian cholo just like the same keyboard is a video called help. Characters and cuddle puddle in this video called cooking oil painting of the. Cincinnati zoo. A little penguin being tickled. Basis. Rebecca Black. Dance performed by Bob Dylan. Someone who sounds like. Demonstrating its gonna convincing. Sound. Capitol sings if you're happy and you know it and to the deal. Cockatiel singing you're happy and you know it very happy bird. Where the hell is not to me and it's the sky keeps dancing in front of justice. And monuments. Their team with him joining sometimes it's sponsored by Stride Gum. Prayers. KK slider. Your pitching. Video. There's a video poker machines. Playing. Karaoke Revolution and seeing their complicated she's absolutely right after. He was fired from GameSpot it looks like this in the context. Vehicles mariachi Connecticut serenades of beluga whale video. See too well. Created a video. Wills. To. Any game ever captured meeting your cereal. Suggesting. About it. Thing to do. Disaster fees and taxes 2011. And concert series of him playing a song. Against a musical chairs. Was like really good driving in it was Thursday. Actual

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