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Welcome to medford hot dog. The podcast where we talk about things while driving to medford eat dinner. This medford hot dog we're going to be talking about pubic crabs and why they. Don't like other kinds of hair in April this is april this special guests on. This episode of medford hot dog especially the most special. Because i have crabs. At and that. That true. But she really does I really don't know. So we're going to be googling why don't crabs live on our heads. You get a google image of like an actual likessee grab some. I hope I don't know. Batters in the 1st a pubic lice NHS Choices NHS UK people is don't live in. Scalp hair is learn like the same thing as crabs idea like what they have. Different. Besides the fact that crab this is hilarious name for an STI right. I want to know about org slash teens / STI / crabs that HTML. That sounds like a good resource oh man look at this diverse picture of diverse. Teams played by 30 year olds and they all have grabbed oh man I hope so. Crabs are tiny little blood sucking bugs in parentheses lice that live in pubic. Hair and cause a lot of pitching lights that live in the hair are not pubic lice. That live in the hair are not pubic pubic care is the hair on the front of. Your general area or the crotch. Oh Cupid a rather than after the parentheses and finishes the sentence. Likes to live in the hair are not pubic lice. They are head lice likes ok so it's late likes to live in the head hair this is. I'm on sentence - and it's already confusing crabs have three life States. Three stages of life. Peg knit and Laos just one more than one are lice the nits hatch within five to. Ten days after they are laid. Wait don't you lay an egg yes you can also get laid and also you can also get. Knitted. How do i get crabs I've often wondered this. I keep trying and failing it it's hard you get crabs by touching or just being. Close to someone who already has them even if you don't have sex you can get. Crabs or give them to someone else. These little bugs can literally jump for one person's people care to another's. Are pubic hair has to be exposed. It says touching or just being closed. I mean if I'm wearing pants like I shouldn't have any pubic hair on the. Outside i'm doing around there. I think what they're saying is you you're you're rubbing your pubic hairs. Together so that's not sex but right it's being closed. Frottage. Green Frank yes isn't exactly like creme fraiche. You can get them by sleeping in a bed I do that all the time. Wearing clothes. Oh shit oh my god so you get them whether or not you're wearing clothes or. Not these babies but we're not talking about. Yeah that's a different thing or even from sitting on a toilet seat that the. Crabs live on. No I can't well that as long as the crabs will live on the toilet seat. You're fine. I can't interview the toilet seem to find out have you tried. Maybe i will i'll be listening can usually crabs live in the pubic hair but. Lice can also be in armpits or mustaches. What's that I do. Little kids taken my stashes from the girls think that's the implication but. Never with folks are pits but it's you give oral to the armpit. Thanks better ok yeah that happens a little kids usually get them on the eye. Brows or eyelashes kids doing you know they're getting oral in the eyelashes. What did crabs do to my body. Usually you'll have a lot of bitching because of the lights bites dark or. Bluish spots appear where you were bitten and last for several days. Is there a cure for crabs yes you can treat crabs by putting a liquid medicine. Directly on your pubic hair. You can get a prescription from your doctor and you can buy treatments of the. In the store -. After the treatment use a small comb to take out the lice and the end the eggs. Make sure you wash and dry your clothes bedding towels etc with hot water to. Kill crabs in their eggs. How do i find out if I have crabs you can go to your healthcare provider and. Let him or her check you to see if you have crabs teaching your gradual I. Yes you probably have grabbed or you just an energy person if you don't have. A health care provider search for a clinic near you. How do I reduce my risk of getting crabs. There are many ways to reduce curious no no crabs. There are many ways to reduce your risk of Red Riding crabs the best way to. Avoid crabs or any SD is not have sex. Except you can get them by wearing clothes. Let's go to pull through it. I don't you have to use yeah i know you have to use the the upper decker and. Then you're safe from the crabs. But if you choose to have sex you can reduce your risk of getting an SDI learn. How here. There's no question in this fact about why pubic lice don't live on your head. But they can live on your head they can look in your months yeah how's that is. In your in your mustache and your and your armpit and your eyelashes. That doesn't make any sense. Blue crab frequently asked questions don't ever cook dead crabs. Grabs ya crunch. Basic crab care hermit crabs . com. And I need basic crab care. Why don't you big cubic place the. In. The scalp hair. I'd like get head lice pubic lice body lice. We've got all three kinds. No we don't. Why delights live in hair yahoo answers. They like to pole dance I don't get it. The other polls they're like okay it's like a bowl yeah. Funny we had to explain to you. Yeah i know i'm sorry. Head lice are parasitic six like insects that live on the scalp and hair humans. They cannot jump or fly. We do crawl extremely fast as weather so easily transmitted from person to person. Via head-to-head contact the presence of life has not indicated for personal. Hygiene is like lice typically like clean hair. Okay this isn't talking about. Can headlights live in pubic hair okay that's part of my but that's the. Opposite of my question. If you have something like lisinopril cares you it almost sounds like crap to. Me to really ask a professional. Well i tried that and you answered instead. It sounds to me like crabs and analyze your just the same thing that they're. Just different. I just like to live in different places. They might you might call them different things based on where they live right. There like a little parasitic bugs that live in your hair. They just prefer different their environment. Our pubic lice and headlights the same. Head lice this versus crap / pubic lice skin care guide. That's an error for a 404. His head lice and crabs the same thing yahoo answers. People are asking questions is it treated with topical ointment or do you. Have to get a script. This is what this answers written by kitty eight years ago. Best answer headlights and crabs also called pubic lice are different things. Head lice have longer and thinner body compares co pairs to pubic lice who have. Robust and bigger bodies. Ask your doctor for the best way to remove them they usually prescribe. Creams but proper hygiene will do good -. And here's a link to jpg on LM . NEA like the National Institute. I believe that's exactly what it stands for. The scent Liz eight years ago says they are almost the same thing. It's like a waffle maker moles the same thing they really are they really are. Almost the same thing. So basically what does that make music here is the pancake. Which one has more indentations. Pubic hairs bigger. Kitty right other people's glass or bigger again the people eyes are bigger. Yeah so the bigger leaving an indentation. Ok awful should be should be played I think we're obsessed addicted. Red light. Better from Mars Women are from Venus. Yeah. Okay this doesn't answer my question which is why don't crabs. I don't crabs give to charity is the autocomplete. Why don't crabs have blood and then why don't craps float y dont crabs live in. Scalp air. I i said well i think i said why don't grab to live on our heads. Crab louse wikipedia the free encyclopedia Oh. Here's a close-up of someone's eye lashes the crab last is insect that is. An obligate echo parasite of humans feeding exclusively on blood. The crab louse is usually found in the person's pubic hair all the last cannot. Jump it can also live in other areas of the body that are covered with course. Air such as the eyelashes. Humans are the only known hosts to the crab louse although a closer related. Species. Cyrus gorilla and vests in facts gorilla populations the human parasite diverged. From Cyrus gorilla approximately 3.3 million years ago. Like I think that's cool too. I'm not sure how that's relevant to anyone anywhere ever. But it's still. It's cool I think it's cool that people know that we don't know. Yeah well I'm gonna forget I don't remember things at my age 3 million. Years ago I flash cards. You don't try to remember things at your age that's the problem you. I used to not have to try. Put your back into it. It's that I've gotta go threw my back out at my age decision man. It's true city of Rogue River. One mile info center there's an R on the mountains there is. Road rogue river. I think you're right. It's really good. Yeah. Why not protect you. I don't know it's probably more rogge than other rivers roguish just like rope. It's more rogue like the other math or other rivers. Maybe three yeah could be could be the rules Rogan. I think that's the ring right there. I think you're right. It's no big deal that's right yeah we just drove past it. We forded the river a few words your did you feel toward the river. Now we're driving past the city of Rogue River Basin happy stuff coming out of. The chimney. Yeah paper that's the place that makes what is that it's difficult. Smoke. Would you. Lumber. Those words of the right words hey bells. Why would why would the plywood. Oh yeah Murphy plywood division and they have a political ad for Greg Walden. Walden. Hopefully. 19 miles until Medford and here's a church that's in progress. People build churches I I mean this one. I mean it could be not a church could just be a fake church. We still don't know. Yeah well I me know so we know that like course that coarse hair and my hair my. Hair is apparently too fine food. Ok Guinness World Record courses head hair. Course course sir swype doesn't know the word coarsest it's it's all word it's. Made of morphemes you're made of. Nope. Words are made of morphemes your word. No words refer to me it's this is it says this is the semantics works. A semiotic rather coarse hair right diagnosis . com. How to manage course air for men. There's something course and curly hair curly Nicki understanding hair texture. Super weird super course black hairs curl talk now it's really curly . com. Hello my hair is to c 3 a and I find random super course black hairs on my. Head. Usually near my part this is trip girl three a writing at 2011 these strands. Are usually super curly three see ish and there and they are like frizz. I noticed that if I pull one out of my scalp it has a blackish bulb thing on. The top instead of the normal white like like month with my other hair. I always have an urge to pull them out but I try not to. It's just so hard not to why do I have these strands and how do I keep myself. And pulling them out there are two very different questions. Yes. This reply by way Veeru has a signature that's like all about like her her hair. Stats to see normal high porosity medium coarse texture lower density cleanse. Purity or every week or two yes two cukes conditioner vo5 key lime love in. Parentheses trust some natural ytc DTG pv conditioning balm with coconut oil. Li touch of JC TS products my hg is tresemme bouncy curls defining tresemme. You're right probably bouncy curls defining gel mixed with a touch of b rh. G / a little flaxseed gel sm souffle milk for second day hair. Occasionally bio Tara curling cream and gel modified cg since november 2012. Finally found what works. Smiley face. I don't even know. I I'm sure this is all like terms of art like this if you look at the glossary. For naturally naturally curly . com. It's all going to be about how to deal with your curly hair and it i'm sure to. Explain all these terms. Figure out what you want things your area is uh there's probably a guide like. An electron microscope. Like right now I think you just measure the ringlets like without the mortar and. Pestle that's how you measure the mortar and pestle right. What am I fact i'm thinking of a warning death reaching ingredients for a ruler. And a compass compass like a compass like the one with the stabby thing. Yes your yeah. How do you measure it like the the radius of a of a. Measuring hair is hard anyway because it's all stretchy curly hair is well yes. But it doesn't like a good point. Once you straighten it can stretch me more right yeah maybe you measure the. Length of the hair without you stretching it and then you measure it. With you stretching it. You discipline and you have the ratio oh man it's so much more fun to theorize. What to see 3a is c3 is like like color and texture and like with no yeah maybe. Actual strand. Yeah yeah I don't know. That's what I was thinking. Hair types you know like I have tons of hairs like I've got all the hairs. Yeah but they're also really really fine. Yeah and so usually when people have fine here they have been here but I just. Have lots and lots of. Right but that's different yeah but it is. Our texture typing system details the variety of wavy curly and coyly hair. We've put together candy charts to help you identify your hair type at a glance. We have all that so that's how you do you just glance you should plant because. I'm driving okay. We've also given you a quick care and styling tips etc type to wavy hair to a. To b to c and here are some examples of like what. What kind of wavy it is curly hair 3a 3b 3c and these are all like the ABC or. Like tighter curls type for coyly hair. These are all black girls 4a 4b 4c. Yeah so like to a to b to c 3 a 3 BR white girls. 3c 4a 4b 4c or black girls. So that's a that's how you tell your your type. So what was this board of this person say you are you really here. I don't know I'd have to look in a mirror. To see / 3a so I think what she means actually is it's like but between those. Two. Yeah I get that. Yeah all right that's that's that's all we have time for this medford hot dog. 11 miles away from medford we have dinner which is why we have to stop in. Preparation for our stomachs. Yes so have a nice day

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