[This Episode puts the Tea in THD] Welcome to Complain hot dog. Terk's complaining they have to do a podcast. Rider mail asks if it's frog fractions 2 probably. He said it was essentially self answered so congrats to the rider from fruitvale. Second rider mail: Do pancakes cook in the oven.

Wether or not Nicole Snooki is a Jedi. This train is slow today, hes humming and speaking french. J'adore, Jedi. Jedi Snooki 3 Jedi Master Snooky4 Jedi Kitten Kaboose. Now he's searching for an Alternative for deviant art on deviant art. he wonders if he can escape this time loup. It kinda makes him crave time soup he says.

He says Lets try againe. I just want a search engine that knows exactly what I need to know when it's typed in. The exact Right answer. Now he's blabbing about the media telling us what to do in our life.

Talking about train dog corns, train poop corns, train columns,

He says this is richly useless. Ballpark pwn, pallpark phone. He says he want to point out that he don't want a visit from a jedi from the main timeline. He think the universe of the jedi is super fun and useful. Anyway he's talking about a mysterious jedi who is able to make a phenomenal toast at thanksgiving. The jury is out weather they're talking about champagne toast or bread toast.

With butter, stack (steak?), he's fighting an insane amount of toast, he later on fights a chair. And I think he might be a fan of classical music, but like force music from classical era. But he's not strong enough, the prince paul version. mumble mumble mumble he's talking about printing stuff, let's print stuff he says. Might as well print to floppy drive A colon: Oh that's tight is prolly from the demo, you gotta pull it out. Vvvviissuuuaalll Demmonstration.

He says really too bad I can't find it an alternate string that he's confidence something about altering the timeline of the podcast. here comes trainy noises.

Brrain hotdog, he's sneezing and crying that this was his greatest invention yet. his penultimate recording. Okay, Ah-ha. more mumbling, i like that lightsable.

Charlegmane hot dog. Autour. He keeps repeating author or butter or nutter. he says Oh ducks.

More train noises and thats it.

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