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Subject is events that happened in 1901.

Body of Abraham Lincoln was exhumed, making him the first cyborg.

Walt Disney responsible for Song of the South and Monster In My Pocket.

Examples of Edwardian Era (in Great Britain) include Downton Abbey and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Vincent Van Gogh bled to death after cutting off his ear, his nose, and 14 of his fingers.

Minor League Baseball lasted until 2012, when they became the Medium Leagues. 

Oct 29, Jane Token arrested for murdering an entire family with morphine. Committed over 33 murders in her lifetime. Quotes as saying she wishes she had killed more people than any other man or woman. Said that she really liked killing. 

December, first Noble Prize ceremony was held in Stockholm 5 years following the death of Noble. Alfred Nobel famous for inventing antimatter, among other destructive things. 

Leopold III of Belgium born in 1901, who is still alive today.

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