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That road trip hot the podcast where we talk to our phone and I'm not sure if. You can hear April talking because she's further away from the phone then I am. While we drive to Portland so today we're going to be researching deep vein. Thrombosis. Disease that you get by sitting down for an hour straight maybe. There's no writer mail this week because nobody send me anything. So here we go searching for that disease get sitting for hours straight. Sitting too much women's health nearly as well as a deadly epidemic reasserted. Sitting disease nine or ten hours of sitting says Genevieve Healy PhD sitting. For hours can shave years off your life or serious health issues from sitting so. Do these people know how terrible standing is for you I'm just wondering. My life especially years. It's called sitting disease how a sedentary lifestyle sitting too much. Every day can seriously endanger your health dangers of living a sedentary. Life learn how to ward off the nasty effects of the new epidemic called. Sitting disease you might not want to take the following steps sitting down. According to a poll of 6,300 by the Institute of Medicine Medicine. Philadelphia like they called people and ask do you think we should sit down and. Really bad for you. Ya know works it's worse known for much longer that standing for nine hours a. Day is terrible for you to do they never share for you want anything from share. Part too far away. Reaching as far as you can because they're incapable of like realizing. They're gonna have to hear ya ok though the poll was whether people are. Sedentary ok that's different and it turns out women may be more sedentary. Than men since they tend to play the parts to Portland its cool people who. Listen to train hotdog know about navigation in 1.3 miles. Use the right two lanes to get a 505 North thank you. Maybe more sinister than men's as they tend to play for sports and hold less. Active jobs you article I yeah yes. The modern-day desk sentence whoa. Our bodies have evolved over millions of years to do one thing move says James. Levine andy Katz that involves moving. Redding winters that's the red wedding I hope so. The red wedding in that it's very cheerful and happy spoilers game through. The air like the entire wedding party murdered a single backstab like how. Toddler has killed some with a handgun every week this year behind bars. Yeah. No. No gun. Blood sugar your body uses shed blood sugar know you know he's there saying. You should get rid of it by moving alright. Because you're not burning your blood sugar your chance of contracting. Diabetes goes up. Alright this is one of those like sitting as bad as its 2009 no wonder now. I'm talking about like just search for it that's cheating alright fine deep. Vein insufficiency from both phlebitis deep veins of the leg. Some of them are deeper than others a deep vein is event that is deep in the. Body. This contrasts with superficial veins that are close and I presume to the. Surface but like skin veins I but I like to imagine the superficial veins are. Just very vain. Superficial veins. Wikipedia the free encyclopedia oh god is this picture of a person that might. Have deep vein thrombosis there might just be like a minority their skin is. Dark not sure if that's a symptom or if that's just their natural skin color. That's that's the way I didn't wanna say they were black as they don't look black. I didn't want to say dark-skinned because I saw I said a minority so like. Completely like unclear and also yes or Irish and pale I think they are. Considered white now. Gingers. Deep vein thrombosis or deep venous thrombosis DVT is the formation of a. Blood clot thrombus within a deep pain in legs nonspecific signs may include. Pain swelling redness warmth as an engorged superficial veins pulmonary. Embolism a potentially life-threatening complications caused by detachment. Embolization of a clot that travels to the lungs together and pulmonary. Embolism constitute a single disease process known as venous thromboembolism. Post post thrombotic syndrome another complication. Contributes to the health care costs of DVT. For work. Ability and changes in blood vessel lining showers try at all three of them. Contribute to DVT and are used to explain its formation. Someone invented this is named after a mentor and physician child invented the. Triad yeah it's all these people have tried from BOCES. Thing you're gonna be deficiencies. What's protein C. It's not the best. I want to not have blood clots. But I've been tested. That the 23 and me thing. Right. Protein C deficiency and all the results when I search for proteins or protein C. Deficiency ok here we go yeah but proteins unless you don't have enough. Proteins in which case don't like proteins protein C also known as auto. Prothrombin to thrombin so you never see those letters together unless it's about. Thrombosis and blood coagulation factor 14 XIV. Factor 5 made cool video games until Sunday put them out of business. Let's call it was mostly empty coffee incidents ok I'm putting it down. Jan. The activity for which plays an important role in regulating. Anticoagulation information cell death and maintaining the permeability of. Blood vessel walls in humans and other animals so to speak. Pathways role in disease role in medicine genetic protein C deficiency in. Its mild form a sassy si to read simple heterozygosity as a significantly. Increased risk of venous thrombosis in adults if a fetus or homozygous or. Compound heterozygote Wade also the sentence structure doesn't make sense. Right. Simple simple heterozygosity Saigon city is a degree of similarity of the alleles. For a trade in an organism most eukaryotes have two matching sets of. Chromosomes. If they are you want me to read something more exciting so you don't. Crash that is their diploid I think that's how you pronounce that. Diploid organisms have the same look I on each of their two sets of homologous. Homologous chromosomes its Wikipedia tight sci-fi channel dot com that's why. I flag. Sequences that the loci may differ between two chromosomes in a matching. Pair and if you chromosomes maybe mismatch as part of the chromosomal sex. Determination system sex determination systems is one of my favorite kind of. Discrimination systems just starting to music n 22 miles 25 north. Alright yeah some of these pages are clearly intended their written by and. For specialists like that cell phone you were talking about the caterpillar phone. Caterpillar phone is gonna have a great Google Image Search Search Results. Actually it's just what you're talking about. Caterpillar phones. Caterpillar cat caterpillar phony bay caddy 15 cue can't be changed. Using Android smartphone with a four inch touchscreen display 5 megapixel. Camera I can't find the thing I was reading anymore it's waterproof the. Screen is operable even when wet. That's something I want. It doesn't say it doesn't say whether it's available. That would be pretty entertaining apropos for training thing. Clouds. Listener as you wish you could see these clouds. The clouds lost way and so they're very attractive. The cat c15 smartphone launches the worldwide acclaim according to Home and is not a site about cats even though the internet loves cats. Cats cats yeah you might be right and get parts on cat dot com new parts I. Want some new parts. Like my knees aren't so great. Want new knees engine parts hardware. Cat social. We're going to look at social. It was priests there was like six cats there and none of them wanted to hang. Out with people and then there were like 24 year olds running around scurrying. All the cats. And like whenever the four-year-old scared the cat's mom was like oh you. Shouldn't do that they wouldn't listen to her because she's an effective mom be. Better at bombing and also like the people running the cat place we're. Supposed to sexually mom to mom and her mom and the kids and they were in doing. That and so the result was none of the cats ever like want to be outside of. Their holes. Especially if you were a cat in a cat cafe. Just dig a hole and lived there. Like we could line the whole with the shower curtain right and we can also. Cover it with another shower curtain and then I ya know I think that's a that's a. Winning idea alright that's that's enough podcast for you people were gonna. Keep talking but you don't get to listen tonight

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