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Welcomed brought in the sea mas tarde if someone. And jim is a special historical hi. We're here to talk to ourselves on a train door to each other. Her to eat I suppose. You mean i think is the better free chat. Cover congress every conversation to ourselves some thangs. I can talk about plan. Okay the I proletarian for honesty and reared. As children tired you know where you're going to come. Weird. Live now the man come to my house you don't live in a town in the park. Got here to give it away the well maybe you do. So far this train has been very small it's really more like a. Like a roller coaster that number exciting when it rains. But it's preparing the actually seen howards cool. The hopefully that's come across a recording. So. By some players ok. There's one. Numbers Ubuntu still planned so you watch yourself for the. Known with the native americans with music and traditional. And so casuals I'm not sure exactly but I heard that a lot. Cock from naturalist. It cultural I'm resource analyst. 90 certifying the naturalist say know there's a sweetie. That non-native alright you know what when I. Said the win tonight on this audio track is super loud. It probably is so nice so good. I'm way I'm. This is going to be the best episode of the hot dog. Really tempted like. Clashed a little at all clarified yeah rail no I'm. Those yeah I know there is a right within arm's reach made me really. Liceo for punching so wanted to chat & swap them as I go by. That. There are a lot of things I feel that way about it. Companies for example. That all children. %uh. Something but I'm yeah. And. Pro addressing issues with like letters I'm the entire. 3 permit american latter trees you know there's a cop branches power. 0 they can be used as a ladder down park trail great sound. Yeah channel money. Yeah when it rains sounder louder than the winds down. Imagine that this is going to be the end. Hotdog more than yeah I may have to rename I. That. You to win card for my from a year but had said. There we go I just hold your hand right there and I'm. Wherever i dont like a not hurt. In. There. Don't hold your breath. Why gotta do what you gotta. Ass. 90 min away said the end and I wasn't prepared for that. Well year which is one ever come here. Have I was already through I. Way to issue the driver then you traditional year-end. This makes it more exciting it's for everybody at the car to get everybody in. The cars around you. Yeah only they knew got driving in general. Now from the new you to sell your breath owner. It's the the only know that people. Everywhere just thinking I could just died in a head-on traffic right now and. Don't want greener yeah he really does that. Yeah now. Yeah this. Grand. Social. Fair mention travel. Out. So some show on the road supplying I'm just noticing moderate. Mind. Ranchers. Above the I like engine car. Are being pushed out by the Force India. That's how you know it's really steamed. It bad pretty cool. Go this is a great. An audio podcast. I wonder if I can record video while recording audio. Yet call recording a video well the just f.y.i. Okay. Claudio hearing a lot of the plane to make sure the first time that's. Acceptable to me. Wagons reported that kids like growing up wait. Third this team I'm and. It. For pros me. Claiming he's gonna wonder that for NYC yeah. Their entire that he never heard my name in heels Avalon the. See my dog and realize appears that guy that I have always weird photos a. Loyalty. It. Station stinky monkey flower and. French group press room. It is a non-native pitch in French. People plants in the yard horrible. Wetlands is the one around here just called room now there and. Is also Scotch broom okay we mostly have. Grand. You don't like the Scot thats the Scotch we call them. Going to the mixer. Well we're players on this railroad it was an old yes. We're going to a place. How we where we find a place from behind. We're always going somewhere. Good point. Which is. This is the fun part about. Every word you've gone through over never met. Well we have $10,000 or side screening. Something everyone writer ever chosen trained. So the burning of coal resume. How much is an electric steam train. Pictures things change that cold could be would but that seems. Not very fight on our hardest. The. Wearing a hard hat. Look like a horse to me. Right but typically don't do clear-cutting. To our miniature steam trains in a park. You. Well wiry now freezing the netbook yeah okay. Climate think they're just you know what a couple trees here in their everyday. The north is not clear to go home. Yeah prison up. Well after them while I in. Podcasters and if you had video on this. Obscenity steam out our accuracy in Turkey. Now. Forget to thank you go there and make a left hand. Gotta from I wish I could remember next time. I'm not paying for anything and all. Called. Of the golan Korea whose team at all by myself but how will you get here. I am just gonna go on a loop again that stay on the train. Had to and I refuse to get off that's right the house the. Three times the tickets. In these how do they know okay. Maybe I could patch the hole with car to the other ticket. It's almost much color to just put your finger yeah your email. People punch a hole in my finger they'll be worth it I'll save five bucks. Train three dollars bone you're going by yourself now it's not worth it anymore. But the. Like. Green and. Sure are. Their minds here that CNN ghost we're going to see it really is like a rat. People's. Grocery bag that her hands on this time the train way home the only seen them. Does that I remember involved. Battery will I and also the eye can see between Patrick Swayze and let me know. Yeah I was ever on screen like ira. No dropping and Demi Moore like. Oh yeah called it's definitely more interesting in my memory analytical yeah. Factors well yeah because that was that was back when a racial kisses her legal. Went with your biggest. Hi yeah it's her time right amount. Are and Patrick Swayze even ease tension I might be offered now. He's dead yeah I did you know that I drank some sort of like cancer. Playing pancreatic cancer I think apps not a good kinda cancer. Yeah. You have a good day cancer and yeah. Happy cancer that makes you glad you're dying yeah yeah. After. In. And what's your address tonight %uh. When we get so therefore no one's this magic moment is starring in it. Kinda look like Patrick Swayze you have the answers all grafitti. Here's a good answer. Now. That's the end of the semester. Train after I mean c'mon. Cream trade when I know there's more behind but we're going back into the. Station where they have to do a live around thing and really get back into it. We can really have a zero-sum. That's right the. Maker. Saint Louis down there what's going on. I think that might just be the. Her. You feel mark celebration. That's my guess anyway it seems. 6 train wheels very interesting. I for. One right hand. Roller rink faster than the other yeah car we'll have we'll do that too. Rate Brayan. In video-on-demand. Well have known I am i yeah you're probably. You probably know more about me and I could probably run the place now. Yeah I'm sure you could be a great friend conductor. Okay that CNN has observed the matter I got it right that time he did. Federation so well see you guys next week for. Next week is going to be another train had good reason I'm doing this again. Her. By good. This city

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