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We welcome to train up dawg. The podcast straight talk to myself on a train. Today's episode we're going to be figuring out. What the average salary is for RT clone in. Sonoran. First a. Writer mail. Smile. Here's a writer mail. 61. That San Diego I believe a. Um there's no transcript I'm just gonna play it I but he won't be able to hear. The message. When I play the message. Fat. There's an interesting message. Where. Was there another one. Date. To it there's another writer mail that I. Lost track up somewhere. I S this writer writes finally a guest. Who knows the local bar near the Bay Area PS. So plan can be here even if the route is baked it's like a plan done yet. But sounds delicious all the way for wouldn't think so. She hates onions but yes I will pass on that message to her. Thank You writer. All right let's get right into it. Three. Cry on salary said. Donor. Pound salary sure dot com careers. For salary 36,000 expected lifetime earnings 1.5 million. A man was crowned her at in aggregate millionaires. The money you make you can make it a really good car is no laughing matter. Or it could be a joke if you're not that good I don't know how to market yourself. The range of potential income for crown is great depending ahead. The this range tickets so great. Depending on skill experience yeah as well as your location. Pounds working in affluent areas make a lot more money than those trying to eke. Out a living in places where everyone is broke. A all those for all those folks probably use more like I'll at more than the rest. That's a really good point. Also living expenses it doesn't say this but like living expenses and the more. Affluent areas are also going to be higher. 00. For newbie clans no experience no formal training pay is low. You could earn anywhere from 15 to Jr's now for festival store openings birthday. Parties depending on the going rate for performers and entertainers in your area. Being on novelty may help go to clown college getting experience any rate goes. Up. Really making between 100 and 200 dollars an hour Peter popular in Bihar. Teacher and a. That's not too shabby private dinners and exclusive parties can be in the. Thousands if you're in wealthy areas. That means a typical moderately successful count celery is about thirty. Six thousand dollars a year. Considering the high cost %uh face paint and Doc Martin clown shoes not too funny. But don't forget about the circus a small circus clown for only here similar. To what I think an experienced party clown. Does with the exception of her and board paid for. Figure circuses commit pay range between 500-1000 dollars a show depending on how. Big the circuses. Papa rancher featured prior to the production of thousands a day. Depending on the contract. It's not funny getting sick which is why thankfully the world on Association. Worldcom coalition over health insurance packages for individual clown to join. Their alliance. Does that work under picked up get their insurance paid for by the circus. Not pena's. Someone really tried really hard to put jokes in this. I'm sorry in California 0. 39,000 okay I. Okay there's a search through 400. Their search form here. Sedona Arizona. Crown in Sedona Arizona. Thirty-six thousand dollars average crown salaries for job postings in. Sedona Arizona. Or 2 percent lower the clan salaries for job postings nationwide. Today 50 musher comparison. Average salary of jobs related titles pet house sitter in Sedona Arizona. 60,000. Face painter in their southern Arizona 34,000 3 hey we're hiring event. In Syria arizona's 22,000. Healthcare sales representatives are theirs I 30,000. Account coordinator and tires on 30,000. Now I'm wondering if this is just making up a number. Energy markets to change the city name to gibberish. Okay then see if it errors out. When changes to busy area so you know. Jersey now. Sizzix alors on the. The mild. His salary. Oh man yeah okay. It doesn't actually so it says ever sell your jobs matching your search clown. 36,000. It doesn't say clownin radiology wanna so it's not actually. The same result I think it actually did know something about Sedona. Refer to corroborate this can salary indeed accounts that I was just looking. At. Crown inside job haha through were. Clowns do founder entertainers armed with customs processing to humor. They're paid to perform in front of audiences either by themselves or with. Other clownish. It's beautiful. Forget the stage shirts ties like skirts and blouses instead. How about Jane shoes face painted floors and we're gonna vote i suspenders and a. Great no. The tire difficult for him to 400. That's really where we work with her I. Earlier think a rapid advance really went over to Immigration office. They were over perfectly at theaters arenas radios amusement parks and. Parties. And of course services fall Winter Classic fun cubicles. This clown clown. Found job writers. Parents that. For reading the state a clown Union really feel the need to. For gags in there. Pros. Underwear post offices your job is to entertain people through your act called. Like gag. I don't be gagged parties. Which is a rehearsed routine. Might include any or all of the following: pilots jokester going on our. Miming magic tricks and almost done. First Nations pranks and visual haha. Really what you do depends on what type of Crown you on your way to a smile. For instance. Considered ahead I. Through I title here. Right okay a homemaker I. Spy. Jojo. Freestyle. Face fuck it I'll take it cool. Care. Accessories air travel Bakehouse why her home. Show my face of yours for character performing you interested parties for. Full time in the circus. Your job is quite literally drought bombing around. Should I be a clown. Should have a high school degree or higher share these really need to have a. High school degree. What. What do you learn your senior year in high school he needed to become a crown. High achiever you love the challenge tracking tackling difficult work. Persistent you keep pushing 30 fishing a popsicle team player. Your able to listen to communicate and work with 10 different people. Learn hasn't come from live performance art. Going at it. Wherever. Recently I attended the Winnipeg fringe festivals festival. The ethical issues. 2330 venues for teenagers and 12 hours per day. She 25 place in five days you. Response you shows acrobatics performance poetry and more. Cause very impressed the town to hurt or injured he worked hard to hone their. Skills. I'm watching so many shows a fun to be a criminal nature each performance. For an hour to reach I G enjoyed a little experience together candidates. For the same play can be performed repeatedly no two horses were at the. Same. Council sure show is over it's gone forever and never be seen again. Comics wife-beater special meeting to be held could make money from. Comments are consider the actually played make money close-up look at the. Other people within these performances were to happen but it does guardian. Performing take home. Guitars. Shit for sure personal heater. 5k for a ten-day festival. Some performers also generate income from back at the room sales after their. Shows. Seems T-shirts center. The show cells are taking 20 catering to the festival. One-person shows Oklahoma for larger shoes made. Be divided in two minutes late. Shot shows really good consular over. Thousand dollars a year. 30. Here. I don't know for those who are really dedicated certainly do so. Theme. Their underwear 10 people are two hundred people in the audience. The actors were star. Campaigns now. On the time and with his performance whether he will be to see them could get. Ten times as many people and see if they can hear. 1010 money sam i text each. Them. Hey we're here part of a hassle. To make a working or passive but it was okay. Already. Community said that the book was going two words. Them. Arizona Cardinals need to cut Daryl Washington now enough is enough with the. Sky on it. Seem worth it fitness Easter. Should only other festival. Eric a bitch. Honors with stunning reversal. Okay I'm working on that. There. Reginald tombstone etching video not safe for work I. Its loading. Leave me alone. Drinking which is why FNArena died three years ago literary personal request. Refill. She wanted a stonemason Gabriel Guerrero parts on the teamster. 3 intention was it was just waiting to try to do something. 2 I'm sure they're great serving in our look at another 130. Sun for I don't want it any other woman. This rule this way lol relationship grocery go straight times. Learning their questions one thing before he was another d. Although many left detailed instructions great photos or sex or going to injure. Complete accuracy. President iraqi time finance no matter who created the crest. I most of these toll in the reverse is blasphemous according to news fix now. Splits for home greg was recently found a reasonable opportunity to integrating. And the results are on display at the cemetery. Now special I love it and it's a really good likeness he told the Austrian Times. As a party girl always be with me although most people feel the same. Barnsley likeness market most can't tell what it is. My told The Sun his brother-in-law class where the burden the terms and hats are. Largely. For I couldn't help but laugh he said gathers no photo here. There is the video not gonna play it ass three. Them. Do. Okay. Shoni shares. General manager 49,000. The year license traditional herself and ass from Saudi. For change jobs smashed forty thousand dollars a year. Ass. Sound driver matching your search site doesn't. So-called okay. No party. Haha no. Party finds rare 50,000 oh that's way more than just a regular. Face Bears 34 I. Good about party found without us location. 51,000 I am pass party clowns. Daughters. I R they're not. Going below average I. Anatomically comparison just for complete his party finances et alors on. Yeah 51,000 from national rate. When I to hardy. Fire. Use make. Well. And breaking or while. Shared suspect heard this is because. Certain circus clowns get free room and board. And are their salaries. For commensurately less no laughing matter. Clowns are on the decline. It's a very sad clown is a serious issue and research children's parties in. Center is that make turns to make the red-nosed before the endangered species. The largest US trade group crowned the world class association tells the New. York Daily News. This member she was punished by almost one-third getting twenty five hundred. Members down to very for her to decade ago. Person group members are over 40 many or older pounder passing away they are. Doing it organization said. Clan has some major image issues to do with angst Stephen King's it. And serial killer John Wayne gay see her perform as Pogo the clown. And then there's the pay well top from a Cirque du Soleil conners West. Two hundred thousand dollars to poke fun maybe a little as 15 at large in our. Children's parties. Bring from gig to gig when an appeal the twenty-somethings who have college loans. To pay off. A list reforming and other geeks can individually being treated for you. For me I always had a high profit margin Brad reason. A graduate in the Ringling Bros brown Bailey Clown College a written in red. Ask me anything for men 2012 at their source. At CBS news sources read it the most I've been paid to be a clan is $200. Dollars an hour. There's not much data available on con salaries with glass door of it offering. One data point for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey class. The Rangers 85,000 I 2000 rodeo clowns a subset objectors you. District schools surrenders you away from them. are about fifty one thousand. Dollars a year. The world class association & Feld Entertainment &. The production company that operates the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey. Circus. Didn't immediately return an email seeking comment there's also a major. Shift within the crying industry. Once clowns we're clearly identified with their critique of religion face. Makeup. But it many of today's best known top-earning clouds should allow get-ups. Contribute more tasteful easily touches take very live in. Lesions fans for Grandma gray-haired old lady clan. You never fail to get a big laugh the Big Apple Circus remembering how stress. Until she was in a small red nose. The worst Undertaker silly antics living retired grandma I'm. To retire graham & 2012 was worth world. The crown world's top performers he and other top crowns help break the creepy. Can mold like bill Erwin who may be better known to kids as. And the result is mister noodles from Sesame Street punchlines the conning. Issues raised the bar. Which makes from artistic performances but also means employers have higher. Standards the Rainiers. The crown in its original form is done in our unity. Got a horribly outdated know that stars5 around her. Going on. Much are they are thing RCV hackers. Purple reading the comments the Certus cuz my too many fans going into politics. To the circus these days. This crown doesn't get why you're scared him. Barrio great. For. Was with a client doesn't understand why adults are so scared him. Among the indignities crown. The conduit alien jurors the with after is Ralph Wiggum antenna topper barely. Registered. Thought until a few weeks earlier from miniature the imbecilic Simpsons. Character in the nose pick. Made nose pick had crowned the antenna the Crown's Toyota Yaris. And some jokester taken it and now the car also on red and still have the. Atrocious. Was missing the final. Female touch says the meal. Not enter the Kandahar terry i'm looking up the tail is that a real word at all. Their real where is that a typo. To him calling this guy's travel play. Also taking. Load this page. Not all the time we have waiting for train had reading this train of thought. Page to load. Know that should but sure it didn't work out or just make it load immediately. Neil video. No. Female female female female female. USA to become weird. Male female female female so. Fail a distinctive ornament the eviction ru chemical can hear some restraint. Family home. Exactly what I meant to rate that's amazing. So please. Not only not that there was any missing its re-elect patient as he stood behind. The areas in the parking lot Gallego. The San Francisco. I'll the evening out too long. You were black top hat Circle neighborhood ministers great story here. Scale. His nose was arrested face said it all over can't a hurry show. His eyeglasses miscarriages lower the underscored. Like Chris Paul. Osteo that overall pick it up or or scared home. There's an occupational injury wound on her to anyone. From a couple found good one. Where the. I'll his right index finger was torque left for some time. Tens of thousands a balloon animals provisional injury. To couples in the trains run past the lame one the Ministry closer. Men to seek a sarah said she'd like a hug. The woman she crying is very and was your boyfriend to require towards the. Ground. Know I hate clowns the clan said and also pantomime any standing here in my. Panic. They're scary I. Had everything I feel when I look in the mirror the couple's left on the ground. It too but he didn't really think it was funny. All scary crown thing is getting out of hand pounds now live. World where everyone seems to hate them or profess to do so on their march. Across. Here's most often was driving showing that military owing. There is always the same second crown. Its present displacements maze in every town time. Fish say. Driver. On the earlier bus because the crowd is known stir in the office. For bus terminal. Center neighborhood in South Africa. The park you wear jeans and running shoes and unbutton blanchard like. Teachers. Small patches for a visit. Greeting it's too late trip is over tiny dick like. Shut down the but you guys like with this app it's pretty. Pretty interesting article so far. New York magazine. Cares a lot plan. Reading ass problem so myself. Going to Reno. Cool

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