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Welcome to Train Hot Dog, the podcast where I talk to myself on a train. Uh,

☀different foods you can eat out of the trash can bioshock infinite

and I realized I didn't

they were like it it's been like three years since i played that game so i

don't remember the list of foods

the you eat out of the trash can

i figured i could take this time the time that we share we can find out

together the list of trashcan foods

I know you can eat a hot dog I know that that's what I remember and maybe some

potato chips

ah so let's uh let's get right to it

the google searches or in this case the Duck Duck Go searches because that's

what i'm using these days

of bioshock

nope swype doesn't know bioshock block it says infinite and those that one hot

trash can food



teach it how to spell bioshock

be typing that way

just a mile


but I don't need to capitalize


like it they just possessed Booker and other thoughts

there is a glutton here is a youtube video

sardines columbia bioshock we , kia infinite secrets guys let's play

bioshock infinite part hot dog emergency

bioshock cultural references by shock wiki bioshock as a complex game it means

many references to gaming philosophy in real world history references stay in

Rand biblical references historical references System Shock series

Looking Glass Studios other video game references

that's not what I want there's no food in there at all

have you ever eaten food another garbage bioshock here we go

it's a pole

and the bioshock infinite forms and giantbomb.com yes

twenty-three percent no sixty-five percent if you find a whole pineapple

there's no harm and eating it right

my mom threw a half empty bag of goldfish but i guess they weren't

technically quote in the garbage



Kevin Wong's blog BioShock Infinite is a made a commentary on a game narrative

ultra hard mode

alright so i'm going to watch this book is a glutton video and probably muted


this .

what I want so far though we know about pineapples

hot dogs and pineapples

I can fit an action but

that it

let's see what

Tim Rogers says


ok come on Tim Rogers get to the part about the hot dogs

ok chapter on let's talk about the box are sure to him

let's talk about the boxart the bioshock infinite boxart controversy was one of

the more interesting video game related events in recent memory

fans of the game series torrent of the internet with I cannot read torrented

without thinking of bittorrent that's really funny with their words of

disappointment that the game series they so loved for its ornate production

design and fruitcake dense atmospheric plotting flat miss fear might show

itself to the Shelf gazers of the work

the world's video game retail establishments as yet another picture of

a guy with a gun

ken Levine the Bioshock series mastermind apologize to these fans

through press interviews he communicated that the fuck they focus-test game with

frat boys

yes that exact phrase frat boys

the humans who video game companies paid a nomad stuff

billion cells  people

actually originated Abercrombie

partner short pockets I watched the backlash against comments in this in a

state of morbid heck is lonely amusement reserved only for people who started it

careers & finance game development

advertising multiple times throughout their lives

peanut gallery and the

agreed to Fred

renegade out


phrase for that

during the frat boy


you're too tired

so good

guys we go

box lyrics

it's also stars cute girl

Adventures of the red Boyz right

these are they doing


also it takes place entirely on the city

you should be

just go for it

I saw explicitly

this game this game perfectly

field both sides

was covered


you see what

there's a key

she screamed

what's your

we're friends

that's it





it's her


most daring

charge of that

initiator maids to get invited

so what conspiracy theory




kids want space

places this is getting nervous

it was




this one

sealed by a shotgun

- the box art



interesting code and he's opening

just a good

it was murdered

bizarre that

it's pretty good



right corner to appeal the player

original oh wait i'm looking at the playstation  variants include the bio

try found the disk

ok now i'm looking at the xbox threesixty version we can see the guys belt

he's wearing khakis he has abandoned . advantage on his right hand

palliative illustration works well with green plastic the xbox threesixty case

it was some sort of the right audience the table

appreciate the boxer

many emails arrived in my inbox daily together telling me that my tastes are

too mainstream / -

Gears of War  four of four stars like

for four stars and I get back just  out of four stars obviously yes I'm too


all right i'm looking for

chapter  let's keep talking about the box art

chapter  actually talking about the game now

dude all right here about hot dogs

Tim Rogers all right i'm doing the finding one page

thing on the plug


why was there a hotdog ten dollars in a pack of cigarettes in a box in that box

labeled box of chocolates

why is there a can of beans inside that lock box in the basement of an abandoned

mental hospital

I'm going to eat those can being so quickly after finding them

why would someone throw away live ammunition in that their trash can

oh here's the kicker the context for these before

please let me just say this were to write a text book on the subject of

human error

that's it wouldn't even be printed on paper going to be a terror youtube and

someone's grandmother observe them playing in

why would someone throw a live ammunition that their trash can like in

this guy with no feet make coins here off the table top of the cash register

sound just by looking at them

where is he using his hands to pick up the coins

are so many people these officers carrying all pineapples

more hot dog stuff

hot dog staff me that good stuff

when you stop to breathe into a chapter in sac the desks and cover is looking

for jars of pickles hot dogs or cash

she will approach the shell this is probably talking about Elizabeth

Elizabeth little

turn your back to it put your problems on it and lean back against it I like

those kinds of little touches


search good show old soldiers or bookshelves cigar boxes hot dog carts

pottery etc the thick of battle to view the contents of their pockets or drawers


this is like a 10-item list here


all right popcorn bioshock wiki the wikia

okay i need to put bioshock infinite in quotes because it's super important

rapture and columbia on pinterest bioshock infinite

a Confederate action but that

tf with

here's our funny on reddit.com this

there's an article about obesity



ok here we go here is a game that

here's a secret guide of bioshock and actually let's look

some other facts and


it's just a list of talk to the trash can collectibles ... collectible guide

here we go let's find hot dogs and he


 what if there's no space still 0/0

hot dogs investor the most important collectible in that game

ok here's just a straight-up FAQ, a regular FAQ I don't see any questions

in here

there's this main walkthrough section and a conclusion but no actual questions

thanks GameFAQs

compare all right

calm down i suppose she'll die some rags around

hookers and which isn't really going to help cut like that

oh well we'll be fine we had a hot dog

that's the only thing I mention of hot dogs out back. These people don't know

what's important about these games.

Hot dog pineapple

Yeah ... DuckDuckGo is really having trouble finding

information about shock in fit

here we go pineapples

are tasty and nutritious food but i can figure they're starting to a small

amount of health when consumed

how do we know that bioshock infinite pineapples are tasty and nutritious

All we know

store hit points

apples are found in abundance around Colombia

also be found

smaller than

very similar

it's take all



infinite consumables all right absinthe

Apple here's a list i bet you can find all this stuff and trash can so here's

the list


we found it

bioshock infinite consumables that's not

that should be a member of his list banana here


Brandi of red not going to thinking symbols images

yeah it's a let's look at all these images who absence render BSI . paying a

cracked up pig

see done paying a built that thing a Delano and w.e 59 jpg and a render BSI .


good thing this list is here

cake can of beans candy bar cereal champagne

cheese cigarettes I really need verification like psychologically

this verification that these things actually are in trash can


tomato soup


it's just

flask of unknown booze

several millions of alcoholic beverages found



just gonna be

it's a client select locations in the game is prominent locations where it can

be filled

crystal phase our kids

restore health to full


that's carrying a level of salts causes instant inebriation

fluid contained in the flask is a night of

all product as the XXX on the outside of last designates three x's are usually used

to designate high alcohol content

unknown news is the same that has the same designation like alcohol from


all right that's all we have time for hopefully that was helpful that was

informative identifying and you can you know move on with your life

like I have talking about this three-year-old game

i will talk to you guys next week


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