[This episode transcript is how people die. how people are immortalized by becoming pavement.]

Welcome to Train Hot Dog, the podcast where I talk to myself on a train. Today's podcast -- today's Train Hot Dog, we're going to be figuring out who named Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. But first: Rider Mail! And before Rider Mail, I get to find Rider Mail in this long message of em- li- list of emails I've received.

Here we go. This Rider Mail is from the (425) area code. This Rider writes: "Hey, Train Hot Dog, how's it hanging? Just wanted to say that I think the topic of 'white dog poop' was a little weird as topics that you could come up with, until the whole recent one with Larger Luke and Luke Prime. Wondering how did you find those subjects? 'Cause they're really odd. Also, I have suggested for a subject: 'Pollock Jokes'. " Man, that's a great idea; jokes about artist Jackson Pollock. It's really low-hanging fruit, too, 'cause his art is ridiculous. Uh, "I remember my grandparents always telling a bunch of jokes and basically indicating that apparently Polish people are stupid, and I always wondered what's up with that; I'm guessing maybe some WWII thing." <laughs> Yeah. The -- "The 'poleaxe' got themselves invaded by Nazi Germany. What a bunch of idiots!" Um, "Anyway, please do investigate. Bye."

I - I think Google's automatic transcription software has gotten better, because that's one of the more cogent Rider Mails I've ever received. Um, yeah -- I'll definitely, I'm gonna write that down; in fact, I'm gonna write that down right now -- I'm gonna do a Train Hot Dog, someday, about what's up with Jackson Pollock.

Um, but for now, this Rider Mail is about Sir Francis Drake [boulev]ard, so let's ... do some research along those lines... <typing> for ... 'Sir Francis Drake ...' [unintelligibly-broad caricature of French pronunciation of 'Boulevard'] Bulvaah. Bulvuuh. Bluuvooh.

"Sir Francis Drake Boulevard is an east-west arterial road in Marin County, California, running from just west of the Richmond San Rafael Bridge to the trail head for the Point Reyes lighthouse at the end of the Point Reyes Peninsula. It is named for" -- okay, this is vital information, but it's not what we're looking for; I want to make that clear, right now -- "It is named for the English explorer, Francis Drake, whose ship, The Golden Hinde, landed somewhere along the Pacific coast" -- yeah, guys, I've played Uncharted -- "of North America in 1579, claiming the area [] -ea for England as Nova Albion. Drake's landing place has been" -- "often been theorized to be at what is now called Drakes Bay," -- no apostrophe; the Drakes Bay Wikiped[ia] page also has no apostrophe in its [] page -- "on Point Reyes, the western terminus for the boul[ev]ard. In the 1960s [audio jumps; sounds like 'in the nineteen-six-ees'], the majority of the route of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard was to be expanded into State Route 251. This plan was not implemented due to strong opposition by environmental groups."

All right. So, in that case, let's add some search terms. <typing> 'Who named Sir Francis Drake Boulevard'. Uh, the, okay, the results for this are the Wikipedia page for Sir Francis Drake Boulevard; Sir Francis Drake High School [unintelligible fragment; sounds like 'in that'] -- uh -- "Francis Drake"; "Did Drake Really Do It?" Like, 'did he have children?' Is that what you're asking? Oh, this is in Marin Magazine, so it's ... probably relevant. "Sir Francis Drake -- The New World Encyclopedia"; "Sir Francis Drake (eBook)". Uh, "East Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, Larkspur CA." Oh, that's at Dirty Harry filming loc... oh, that's at I'm reading that. At least a little bit.

"Sadly, after 4th [at?] another major section of the Dirty Harry wair-railway trestle has recently been demolished." 'Further demolition of the Dirty Harry railway trestle on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard.' Source: Marin Independent Journal. "You can still step into what's left of the picture by gu - following the guide below." What is -- okay, this -- I feel like this is a lot -- needs a lot of context that I don't have time to ... track down. But I'm sure it has something to do with -- okay, here's -- here's a paragrap: The entire scene, from the railway trestle to the quarry takes place in an area less than 1 mile long. If you visit the site, you will appreciate that Don Siegel's geographic perspective and timing were maintained to perfection." Okay. Apparently there's a ... railway trestle scene ... in Dirty Harry. Alright, let's just ... do this: <typing> 'who names boulevards'.

"Who names boulevards?". "Street or road name", on Wikipedia. A street or road name, or odonym" -- that's a great word! O-D-O-N-Y-M -- "is an identifying name given to a street. A street name usually forms part of the address." -- oh -- 'Addresses in some parts of the world most nodalgy - mo - notably most in Japan make no reference to street names. Buildings are often given numbers along the street to further help identify them. Names are often given in a two-part form: an individual name, known as the 'specific', and an indicator of the type of street, known as the 'generic'." Examples are "Main Road," "Fleet Street, and "Park Avenue." The type of street stated. However cannot be can sometimes be misleading a street named Park Avenue. Need not have the characteristic seventh Avenue in the generic sense. Some street names have only one element for example the Broadway mall and the. Peaches street name could also include a direction and the cardinal points east. West north south or the quadrants northwest northeast southwest southeast. Especially in cities at the crib numbering system example could be used. Roosevelt Boulevard and 14th Street Northwest. Directs there often is the difference here to say she had two sections of the. Street. Other qualifiers may be used for that purpose as well examples of her lower. Old new or adding extensions Main Street High Street a common name is your major. City in the middle of the shopping area and I had to say today. Respectively i Street in the UK. Most common street name in the USA is 2nd, or second. Etymologies. That's almost what we want. No, I wanna know who names these things. Streets. Landmarks. Self-descriptive names. Searching again. Autocomplete here is who names highways. From names the numbers the origins of the US numbered highway system. On Sunday August 30th 1920 get ready for a story on Sunday August 30th 1925. Triple-a President Thomas P Henry and general manager Ken Smith stepped into their Cadillac and began a one week 24 hours a day drive from washington DC's to San Francisco California. Wanted to demonstrate how the large powerful touring cars of the day could give motorists new thrills for their "jaded road appetite." they arrived in. San Francisco on Friday September 4th after a run that only 36 hours with the. Aid of triple-a affiliates Henry and Smith had difficulty finding their way. Until they reach western Utah. A signboard single departing of the Lincoln Highway a direct route from New. York City to San Francisco and the victory highway New York City to San. Francisco via -- via Baltimore. Henry and Smith turn the Cadillac to the raid took the victory highway but soon. Came to a hill six roads lead over the top Smith wrote in his account of the. Journey. And each road was worse than the other. He found his way. By walking ahead half a mile to be sure the road he thought was the court was. Correct and carried through for the next two hours we pitched in tossed dropping. In to check holes and raising clouds of dust. These two leaders of the country's largest auto club are experiencing. Firsthand why these were the final days of named trails. The trouble with names. The shells were a product of the Pioneer Days and other travel. Government took a little interest in here said roads most long distance trips. Even the most avid advocate as automobile took place in the comfort of. The nation's railroads. Named shells can be traced to the eighteen nineties movement began in. Earnest in the early 1910s with the National old trails Road Baltimore. Los Angeles and the Lincoln Highway setting the pattern Mr Selekta route. Over existing off and just barely existing roads getting hit color so. Named for new formed an association to promote the trail.collected dues from businesses towns along the way. Associations publisher of guys and newsletters held annual conventions. And promoted. There and use of their route. Goals promote the road good roads cause. And economic opportunity for the cities and businesses along the way. By the mid-1920s associations and then over 250 routes. Included transcontinental routes such the Dixie Highway Savannah Georgia San. Diego. The) Lee Highway washingtonDC to San Diego the old Spanish Trail (st.. Augustine Florida San Diego. Pikes Peak ocean to ocean. New York City to Los Angeles. Theodore Roosevelt National Highway ''(Portland Maine Portland OR) again with. The Canadian stress through Ontario and the Yellowstone trail Boston Seattle. North-south routes included the Atlantic Highway in the Pacific Highway along the. Coasts and others such as the Evergreen highway Portland Oregon Del Paso. Jackson Highway Chicago New Orleanians the Jefferson Highway Winnipeg. Means the king of trails highway winnipeg to Brownsville Texas. So. Highway. A trail associations. Partner trails. Signs on barns or telephone pole. Any other service. Case. To market. Cover Southern California for example. Signpost to thousands of. Home state as a service to its members. Early days. Associations valuable service. Has a number of named trails increased. Automobiles increase. 1980. Chelsea transportation. Shortest route. Dixie Highway us. It was actually a dixie highway system. Alternative route to drive. Still be on the Dixie Highway. Trail. Favored by the state of Utah. Los Angeles found motorists in Utah for hundreds of miles more. Desolate miles though They were. Famously. Rivalries among trail boosters that motorists uncertain which route to take. Motorists get used to the new setup a trail. Person. Just into packets at a fair. State. Trail Association directly following the historic trade routes the 19th century. Barbara was more like examples here. Jackson Highway was one of the earliest. She was no Alabama. The Birmingham people people separate Association. Poetry Society of Alabama. Daughters and Tennessee. Is written very conceited. The route. 1911. President Jackson Andrew Jackson. Chicago New Orleans. After the morning around tirelessly to graduate. Controlled route. Just shifted to run. Mississippi. The branch tomorrow. Lost control. Associates. 17. Who supported a routing. Next. Still. This week. Arrested. She resigned. Jackson who the Insurance Act. Attorney. Courteous to win. A week later she unravels. Just like. History that's cool. Inches. Richard its citizens. Pockets. Cheltenham. Also heard by the reception. Skip my day. That like what they used to call live by night. I bet that's the club of the precision flying. Advising them immediately change the new. 1992 when the Bankhead Highway association meetings tombstone epitaph. Complain that such as hell exists today of a magazine or newspaper. Tombstone epitaph. Plan. Assist nations spend a little time talking about however. Said adding a scientist past history of uncertainty. Apologists are descendants of your strategy. Wisconsin shows the way. They shared by Wisconsin Highway officials state highway engineer Arthur. R Hurst told the National Congress in January 19 at the trails were. Established with quote a great deal of Augusto and perils of paint he added the. Ordinary drill motor is seemingly considered that plenty of wind and fuel. Barrels of paint a few hours of mineral or all that is required to build and. Maintain it he doesn't mile trail wisconsin was the first day to replace. Trail signs with numbers 1972 state law requires the creation of a statement. Trunk highway system of up to five thousand miles included a provision. Requiring uniforms warning signs for the system. For developing the guide and warning signs Wisconsin Saturday marking methods. Used elsewhere such a system. Employed in southeastern states that assign one colored annuities West roads. And other did you know north-south routes and numbering plan seemed to test. The trunk lines were numbered in her there Lincoln miles from 10 upward the. Idea being that every highway number should contain two digits centered. Marker with a twist triangle with state trunk highway at the top and the larger. And larger figures in the center in the lower point arrangements were made for. The county's to be in several days insulation or assigns an agreed-upon.  24th 1918 within a week the county the toast of the signs and telegraph and. Telephone poles fences kolbert trees and walls Ashurst the plan was to be rather. Producer the road markers because the traveler welcomes minors it is still on. The right road highway engineer John D done it he recalled previous to his. Installations ordinary method of directing travel was baerga forks in the. Road. School has red barns and various other more or less convenient objects in the. Daily on this just all that was necessary with to say was to say for. Instance taking over 1221 and followed 21 to your destination. A single concise and capable of being misunderstood the place on the internet. And incomprehensible directions which previously were the only possible method. Directing travel some with some states followed wisconsin's example both the. Continued. Associations the name trails retain their prepare popularity of the names. Were commonly used by all concerned. Show. Even in states that have two numbers than himself and later began memories. Highways in 1922 statement. Registry entry in 1913 law designed to protect the tail and developing. Communities. State Highway Commission Richard 64 name trails between 1913 and 24. The nineteen twenties highway officials realized the name trails outlived their. Usefulness even as the as their numbers continued to swell the federal-aid. Highway program began in 1869 energy golden age when the federal-aid Highway. Act of 1981. Federal-aid highway funding to a federal aid system comprising seven percent of. Huge tits brunette work had to be. Interstate in character with a state and federal governments identifying the main. Roads with federal aid system complete with in 1923 and providing funds on a 50. 50 basis to thousands of miles of these roads in your private organizations to. Promote individual routes was diminishing and that should motor. Vehicles had increased from less than 500,000 in 1910 denier attend. In 1920 over 26 million adherents 1934 the long distance travel by owner was. Still as the Lincoln Highway association put it something of a sporting. Proposition. The time went on a highway transportation should be left to private. Enterprise. Was quickly passing. By the fall of 1942 Donaghy Walter a frozen world maintenance engineer. Which can call. And superintendent. This. Took a trip through their states to explore ways of standardizing the. Marking of highways. Throughout the early years of the automobile air important messages. Conveyed my mother is in whatever way struck the pheasant fancy of the mystery. 144 sign in Tennessee warn motorists drive slow dangerous as the devil. Highway crossing. These early days as per the most creativity with a skull and crossbones. Is a favorite warning danger to go slow a typical sign read the three men. Decided the best alternative was to assign special meaning to the words on. The sign but to the shape of the Sun underlying thought rosenwald recalled. Was that if a Chapin a definite meaning it would be a great advantage for net. Revenues and utterly shaping be established long before the words could. Be three reported their findings of the Mississippi Valley Association I weighed. Down with apartments when it met in Chicago in January 23 Association. Adopted a signing a marketing plan based on their ideas around a warning at. Railroad crossings octagonal stop diamond shape slow warnings square. Caution our attention messages. Rectangular directional and regulatory intervention. Signs were to be black and white. Association which forwarded its recommendations to show tonight at the. Shape for red markers. Recommended that they differ from the other signs. 90241 a sh 0 held its annual. Intention Cisco he spoke on. How shall I say how has been named in March. Carefully marked routes with me he said. Conveniences motoring public. The shortest routes with suitable. Grades could reduce the cost of traveling by thousands of dollars you. Liked the idea of the first number improperly look at it. Location of the road however he believed that in the case of interstate roads. Should make his final decision on its being given opportunities just the name. During the same meeting hoc committee on traffic control of traffic recommended. That is a show secretary of agriculture in cooperation with the states to. Undertake the task needing a comprehensive system of through. Interstate Routes subcommittee also recommending the adoption of uniform. Direction of the morning science based on the Mississippi. Proposals. Signals the subcommittee approved a red yellow green sequins of stop caution go. For non illuminated signs. Subcommittee. Basically adopted the Mississippi Valley Associates recommendations. Do with color and they said she suggests the Minnesota. Subcommittee recommended the use of green background. Played. Black lettering for the science subcommittee agreed. Mississippi. Shapes. Made no recommendation appreciation. Assigned by temporary subcommittee chairman James. Jams. Phillips Exeter Academy and she 87. 1897. His studies at Harvard University. 1901. Years and engineering studies. Several years Army Corps of Engineers chance to join the PPR which remained. For the rest of this car. 20th. The immediate selection

In conclusion, we don't know who Francis Drake Boulevard was named after. Or by.

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