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Then do train train today we're going to be talking about. Why is written voting to get rid of breakfast and. What are the ramifications for all of us it. First. Greater middle. Better miles from the 415 hurry. It says while riding on bart was great love hot dogs experiments. Indeed this time let's experiment with singing. While you're doing that. Your experiment. Experimenting with singing and. It's great for me. These read emails from the 425 425 area code. This writer writes get out this writer mail was coming from inside the train. Oh. Should come sit next to me. Guests on this episode. Train hot dog and talk to me about breakfast. Oh. This writer mails from a 3-2 area code. This writer writes hey joe this is matt not from the seat post. So from space city in Texas. I wanted and I wanted to ask you about some mental memories your system. Yo having a link between you you can go ahead and ask me about the mental. Memories. I'll get to them the next time I do Ryder mail i guess so Thanks for writing. In everybody. Thanks for this week's writer mail. So let's see what we can find out about this important story. Well. Is. And I draft it was like. You know. Second car right now. Bring greetings. For slate new ITV breakfast show research to the traditional full anger. English English breakfast the full English breakfast is centuries old. Bridge breakfast tradition dating one. Subsequently adopted throughout great britain the full English breakfast. English breakfast society , but they have some serious opinion about this. The interest in centuries-old tradition British breakfast - that's a breakfast. Tradition. To eat well in England you should have breakfast three times a day. William Somerset Maugham em who died in nineteen sixty-five. I'm assuming the W stands for William actually it could be anyone w could be. Like oh it could be wacom somerset ma mile ham. The full English breakfast in the century-old breakfast. British breakfast is a tradition dating back to the early 13 hundreds. To this day the English breakfast hugely popular you can largely find those. Records wherever you find British people when we like to take the traditional. With us wherever we go. The English speakers begin begin with the gentry and involved with the. Victorians to refine the tradition and standardized the ingredients to create a. True. Truly a national truly a national dish. It's usually popular to this day and regular. This breakfast lovers from all over the. World splendid breakfasts of english gentry. The idea of English breakfast as a national dish. Stretches back to the 13th century English in certain called the gentry. Instead of themselves to be the guardians of the original country. Lifestyle. The cells of the cultural years of Anglo Saxons. The story of the bridge breakfast begins country houses but the english gentry. With their notion of what constitutes a proper anglo-saxon breakfast in the. Regional hospital. Yeah. Injury were considered to be a distinct social class made up of highborn and. People. People of noble and distinguished. Landowners into your family. Sandra that's not motivation to the clergy and relative relative the titled. Families with no title of their own. Yeah. The gentry saw it is their duty keep alive the original practices values. Cuisine in traditional English country lifestyle. The great country houses of England owned by members of the general cable. This. So this is like talking about how awesome duration of the English. Breakfast is without ever saying what the English breakfast actually is so. This is like the worst. English breakfast society. Learn about the history traditions or anything with breakfast that's what i. Was just reading. Black pudding wear black putting the religious controversy surrounding it. So here's a good. Sure that always black. So I guess that. I was putting. Claire learn more about English breakfast Society of fellows work back. Bacon. History of bacon British sausage. What is the english breakfast they just don't want you know they want you to. Know as little as you so learn more. Double points and gentlemen front. There's an English breakfast recipe. Like there's like 12 paragraphs and it hasn't even started listing ingredients. Yet they don't have an ingredients list anywhere. Yeah. Double. In this recipe we're gonna stick to the cultural norm and say that the standard. Ingredients are British back bacon British pork sausage black pudding big. Beans eggs tomatoes electricals. And we know. I had to. Like spend. Six minutes like looking around like this site dedicated to the English. Breakfast figure two figure out what the actual breakfast. English breakfast is. Oh breakfast lunch and dinner and we always even. Disease signals getting rid of business. Getting rid of opium. You're weak fact in control how to get rid of and kill your weeks. Why did britain Garrett of slavery at home. Answers that's good. It's probably relevant to our discussion. The bridge introduce slavery in the most of the Americas. There were many Christian America. UK opposed to slavery slavery was outlawed. And. Became America it was out. North of the. Best because before it was in the UK the American with a couple times cabinet is. Not a slavery was a big seller in the UK. Besides it's love to stick this started the anti-slavery movement. True. But they had no problems applying to. In addition an apology for its that. Richmond years. Google British cell. That ship sold to the. Tara see you there wikipedia is the British presence of like apparently like. Ray here three years ago. Apparently he liked entered must be posted this on you. Answers the voice. Many years did it take to get rid of racism and or slavery. She'll want. Much longer after the war where they have been reduced to slavery should. Written may be made to say sorry for actions of others 200 years ago. Slavery ever really abolished. You think the homo attack was a hoax. Clicking on that. Three days ago yes w bush was behind the Crusaders warfare as Jan. Charles when do they failed to tell you he had problems with the sexuality some. Of the religious leader told him to kill infidels you're forgiven. Go to heaven and it's kind of like will be over so like so many to secure his. Heavenly reward. He killed those people. Ok I need to get out of this page. Because there's so much good stuff here. I can do it. Print. Next. Just left. The Breakfast Club. Alternative. Is to leave. Easy breakfast. Explaining breaks it pretty nice boat. I see breakfast. Brittany concerns that are raised a breakfast TV. And. See breakfast. Susanna Reid leaves BBC breakfast. Britain's biggest breakfast cancer research UK. Yeah. Breakfast TV. Breakfast television morning show. Breakfast television australia ireland new zealand. And Kingdom morning show canada and the united states is a type of entertainment. Television program. Broadcast live in the morning typically schedule and six and today. It's early for him yeah i remember watching this stuff because I've been. This is a show Katie Couric. Voting on breakfast. Vote for breakfast whole foods markets. Vote now best breakfast brunch bagels ultra fest breakfast in the New. Hampshire area keep the current flag vote for Bernie vote for best breakfast. In the Boston area allows due to vote on breakfast program school police. There's very little information on this i don't know if we'll make their voting. Decisions. Maybe you have to you have a UK IP address for the real results to show up. I did. Britain the. Breakfast. Flower. Uh. Economist explains why and how Britain might leave the ellipsis breakfast. Television. No Republic Australians for constitutional monarchy and a room in. Ruling everything. Sure okay maybe this talks about Roman breakfast. The end of Roman rule in Britain was the transition from Roman bring our poster. On around me. Roman rule and in different parts of britain at different times and under. Different circumstances 383 the usurper Magnus Alexis withdrew troops from. Northern and western Britain probably leading local warlords in charge around. For ten the Roman a British expelled the magistrates of these magistrates of the. Usurper Constantine third extensively in response to his failures to use the. Roman garrison get it stripped from Britain to protect the island. Roman Emperor on aureus hilarious replied. - a request for assistance with a rescript oven aureus telling the Romans. And message to see their own see to their own defense a tacit acceptance of. Temporary British self-government various was fighting a large-scale war. In Italy against the Visigoths under their leader. Alaric with Rome. Itself under siege no forces could be spared to protect distant Britain. So it is likely that memories are expected to regain control over his. Province as soon as they made 504 copious will recognize that Britannia. Was entirely lost to the Romans. There are various interpretations that characterize the events in a way to. Support a particular theses without taking issue with the basic chronology. Historian theater or moms and said that it was not break the internet Britain. That gave up her own but room they gave up Britain arguing that Roman needs and. Priorities lay elsewhere. This position is retained scholarly support of the passion of passage of. Time. Michael Jones took the opposite views to saying to was Britain the left room. Arguing that numerous usurpers based in Britain combined with poor. Administration because the Roman Britain to revolt. You know. You're out of work. The thing about breakfast here. Magnus Maximus what did you have for breakfast. They ruled from 383 to 384. Remember they come back. Sorry I'm just looking for something interesting here. Here's a coin with his face on it. He looks like. He was drawn in like the ancient roman style. Welsh legend legendary versions and Maximus career in which he marries the. Walls princess Ellen multi they have circulated in popular vision and while. Speaking areas from an early date although the story of Helen and. Maximizes meeting is almost certainly a fictional there's some evidence for the. Basic claims he is certainly going to permanent place in the earliest versions. Of wells triads i'm clicking on that. Our lost tribes are related texts in medieval many schools repairs paragraph. Fragments of Welsh full or mythology and traditional history and groups three the. Triad is a rhetorical forum where by objects are grouped together in threes. With a heading indicating the point of likeness for example three things not. Easily restrained the flow of torrent of flavor and arrow in the ton of a fool. Ok. The texts include references to King Arthur another semi historical. Characters some sub Roman Britain King Arthur was the origin of that thing. Arthur Pendragon a legendary British leader had a idea. Debated historicity. Historicity of King Arthur historical basis for King Arthur is a source of. Considerable debate among historians do the poverty of British records in the .. 450 to 550 historians historian Thomas charles edwards noted that at this stage. Of the inquiry one can only say that there may well have been a historical. Arthur but historian can get say nothing of value about him. Historian David dunvale summed up his position by saying I think we can. Dispose of him quite briefly he knows his place in history books to a no smoke. Without fire school of thought. The fact of the matter is that there is no historical evidence about Arthur was. Rejected from our histories and above all from the titles of our books. So I suggested that Arthur was in with the. Theological or folklore figure that other mythological figures it may have. Become historic sized also may have been able to sort of historic size one. Suggestion is that Angus and Horsa were originally kentish totemic horse God's. Described by. Historical role historical role by saying there is however a little more. Really trace of this fictional Arthur then there is a historical one outlet. Plug in fact they had no knowledge of the water him Arthur is uncertain the. Most scholars favor either derivation of the Roman Jen's name Artorius or a naive. Or tonic compound based of the route arto bear which kmart and medieval and. Modern well similar bear names. Here's another killing speaking world debated historicity. So like who made this shit up. Online bible of the modern legend. The end of the Middle Ages bro with a waning of interest in King Arthur. Although. Valerie's english version of the great french romances popular there were. Increasing your tax on. The truth list of historical trainer work. Establishes Jeffrey. Stop. Legitimacy of the hole. Better written. Operating as a body in the deal medieval literature. Just lost it after this thing. It's a body medieval literature and legendary material accepted with great. Britain and sometimes Britney and the legendary kids in here is associated. With it wasn't really thinking Arthur. It was one of the three great literary cycles are called repeatedly in medieval. Literature together with a matter of France which concerned legend of. Charlemagne and the matter of Rome which concerned including material derived. From R&R inspired by classical mythology. The three matters were first described in the 12th century french poet John. Bodell was epic. Sean stoned it's however you pronounce that contains the line is something in. French. There are but three matters that no manager without the but that of France. Of written up great roam the name distinguishes it relates the matter of. Written for the mythological themes taken from classical antiquity the. Matter of Rome and the. Tales of the Paladins of Charlemagne and their wars with the Moors and the surest. Sins which constituted the matter of France. Arthur is the chief subject. Of the matter of written although. Other lesser-known a legendary had industry of great britain and brittany. Is also covered including the stories of Brutus of Britain king. People here. God. My god. God a giant GOG Magog was the legendary china and. Their English for. Jeffrey. That's his story or something he was a giant in heaven of Albion's. During wrestling magic. Oh yes. I just tried out my god. Last of the giants found by Brutus and his men. The name GOG Magog is often connected to the biblical characters Gog and Magog. That's what. This article is about the picnic when Quranic figures. Names that appear in the Hebrew by bro Ezekiel the book of Revelation sometimes. Including. How I never heard of these gog and magog It's time to go GOG judge and Minaj

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