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Welcome to train a dog to podcast we're talking myself on the train. This episode we're going to be talking about. Why dogs have around people with cats have slit pupils or building or more. Generally. Wyd our peoples different shapes like why did the robot and I robot have. Square pupils and couldn't see anything or was it just it just did that to look. Cool. The first writer mail. Pardon me while I scroll down to find this writer mail. Hmm. The reason we have to scroll every time is that. I read your mail shows up as unread mail in my. Gmail inbox and i have it set up on the web. Version of gmail to show unread mail at the top but i don't think you can do. That with the mobile version of gmail. I think you can only have it. The chronological which is why I have to scroll past all this mail have already. Read to get to the unread. Here we go this more us write emails from the 415 area code. This writer writes high tree. Hot dogs I thought it would make a good experiment all you well on the bart. Train. Let me know how it works out and a great day hot dogs are good experiment arm. Yeah i'm going to call this writer back and say how the hotdog experiment worked. There's another writer mail just scrolling to find it. Scrolling. Screw them. Scrolling to find the right email. All this mail and scroll invest this matter emails from the 917 area code. This writer writes Jimbo como esta. Yoki and. So okay was dead the bed ok. There's pine your 48 - Evan poison oak place last California hello. Jimbo good to see you I hope I caught you in time about the topic of old. Writer males that never got red. I had sent in a good one long long time ago it was about this mayor south. American country and she was something really bad happened they attacked her. And something like she had to do her business and it came out in a bag so it. Relates to the train hot dogs where you talk about Kiki the possible ask me okay. No not scrambled eggs like no not eggs like scrambled eggs don't make me anyway. It was a really good writer mail and it was a little too long i think i was. Cracking up. But that's all pretty much i'll get back to you later man have a good day. I wish you the best of luck in this topic that you are and I've had first. So this person clearly is cognizant of train hot dog is a thing we've talked. About a bunch of like there were some nouns in there that I recognize it's. Like topics of previous rain at dogs. So that's cool with most writer males I can't say the same without but I. Couldn't actually you know like I hope I read your mail. I think that's what you were saying is that i didn't read your mail but i hope. I did I could search for this area code and find out. I'm going to do that i'm going to search for this area code. The most of searching for a portion of. Oh yeah there was a oh there's been a number of rider mails from this person. I'm just going to go through them in chronological order. All right this one's from january seven I agree that's a very precious to make. This guy happy like apparently I didn't read his rider mail or something or her. Right email. I agree that's a very prominent question i also had a thought about this new. Feature of January eighth trans people. Februari 27th Jimbo Jeremy to think this was all in lowercase so like maybe they. Transcribed it themselves. Jimbo Jeremy two things thanks a shout out number one I funny that you. Mentioned how read the redwoods work because in fact the picture i had was. Black and white so that is something that was lost on me. So thank you baby never to Mars listen I guess I caught me in a bit of a moment. That he was yapping about the disk or disk that hey all I was trying to say. Was you know it is what we're trying here. You know anyway just wanted to kind of those little things around have a great. Day my friend goodnight. Mark 16 Jimbo Jimbo what's up not much to report just saying hi. My birthday is on Friday. So appreciate a happy one. And I think these in doing something four appendices or our Gail stones. Kidney stones or anything like that. I am. Like I'm just be careful with. The. With. Cast all right Jim see you later have a great night peace. Mark 16 that's the one is red and arts training. Jimbo rainbow rainbow jumbo no gym and really had it. I wanted to know what you felt the emotional part of your life was up to. This point right now. Thanks so much man i have a great day i love you bye. March 29. That's the one. It's red. 13. It's me mr. 917 but you can. Today the. That's JD. GG you know what I. Thanks for the answer that's the answer my question for. Last week but I have. The question for you. This fragment. Are you going to be celebrating effortless fragment. Thanks buddy as always. This out have a good day. Bye-bye. Ok so this guy's name is j dawg. That's good enough. Right now. Jimbo hey buddy has a cooling. Sorry for the absence I. Broke all that jazz can think of. What you know and. Question. King has burned through all the Kickstarter money adder is that still. Going strong doesn't matter what it's for just curious about that other thing. Is that what day is it. They keep thinking. Miss you are you. Always going to go working anyway sorry i'm not an essay over here or whatever. Else there was something. Also but I forget it i'll call you back. A good luck exploring and having a hand man I don't know what else to say but I. Enjoyed the CDC may let's see what's up all right bye. So that I i hope that. I read I so i just read all this for all j dawgs writer mail so i hope that makes. You happy j-dog. Yeah. I didn't actually respond to any of it so. Maybe. I'm just being a jerk. All right pupils. Cat. Yeah. Cat. The Bulls. Vs -. Pupils fight. Intelligence for your life the cats have better vision than dogs. His cats better visions. Said it says vision but I said visions like you loosen its better that's pretty. Funny. Like what the conduction can't see. Why cats have vertical pupils are unequal people sighs and cats. Why domestic cats have still slip peoples and big cats don't. That's interesting. Almost the question i asked. Well the question i asked but the quest almost the question I will. Should have asks. Yeah. Gaze into a house cat sighs and wondered why they don't look like yours or even. Like the big cats like tigers you were onto something. By wondering yeah ok you can be on any thing by wondering i guess the shape of. An animal as people as links to its lifestyle their study published in the. Journals of sight science advances suggest scientists analyzed the people. Shapes and ecological roles of children for new species of life. Including a variety of cats. Their results show that species of vertical slit people say people tend to. Be ambush predators. There's those circles and to be active foragers with chase down prey for. Species that are active both night and day like domestic cats that people's. Provide the dynamic range needed to help them see in dim light. Yeah. Get blinded by the midday Sun lead other Martin banks of the university of. California berkeley said in a statement. This is not the only piece of the feeling you will puzzle the researchers. Uncovered however the surprising thing we notice from this study is the slip. People who are linked to predators that are close to the ground. Co-author Williams break a postdoctoral research in your bank slabs that in a. Statement of domestic cats have vertical slits but bigger cats like tigers and. Lions don't hear peoples around like humans and dogs out of the 65 ambush. Predators with forward-facing eyes including the story 84 had Vertical. People. 44 rather have vertical pupils even more striking the eighty-two percent of them. Were rather small measuring less than 42 centimeters or 16.5 inches from floor to. Shoulder. Yet none of this explains why cats and verticals that people who are horses. Have horizontal slit pupils. The researchers found that horizontal peoples were most common of on grazing. Prey animals like deer and cheap to figure out how the orientation of. Animals people affected division the church's use computer models stretching. Out peoples are only the features and found allows an all-animal to align its. People with the ground. This in turn that's more light in from the back front and sides. The first key visual requirement for those animals the detective approaching. Predators usually come from the ground so they need to see panoramic Lee on the. Ground with minimal blind spots and said in a statement the second critical. Requirement is that once they do to take the predator. They need to see whether they are running they have to see well enough out. Of the corner of the ride around quickly and jump over things. Now that they've tackled terrestrial species the researchers hope to turn. Their attention to people's animals from those real diamonds in the sky and trees. Are underwater and upcoming studies all of my clothes. The cats have to blink the cats will see only in black and white how far can cats. Hear and smell what colors - Katzie cat senses as. The PDF page. Cat senses are at a patient without cats be highly efficient predators. Cats have acute sight hearing and smell and their sense of touch is enhanced by. Long whiskers that protrude from their heads and bodies his senses allow cats. To hunt effectively in dim light and it made. They have site ok here's a whole there's a whole list sight hearing smell touch. And taste. Cats like dogs and their animals have a habit of the system. Which is a reflective layer behind the retina that sends late the passes. Through out threaten the back into the eye while this improved ability to see. In the darkness. It appears to reduce net visual acuity that's distracting when light is. Abundant in a very bright light this little like people cause it's very. Narrow over the I reducing the amount of light on the sensitive read in a. Improving depth of field they can't have people the contact contract to a round .. To pay them and other mechanisms going to get a minimum. Light to direct detection threshold of the seven times lower than that of. Humans variation in color of cats eyes and flash photograph is largely due to. Reflection of the flash by the item. Can't have a visual field of your children agree is compared with a. Hundred and eighty and humans but a binocular field overlapping images of. Each I narrower than that of humans as with most print most predators their. Eyes face forward to court reporting depth perception of the expensive field. Of view. Field he was largely dependent on the placement of the eyes but may also be. Related to the ice construction instead of the phobia which give humans sharp. Central vision can't have a central been known as the visual streak. Cats can see some colors and can tell the difference in red blue and yellow. Lights as well as the red between this red and green lines. Cats are able to distinguish me blues and violets better than other colors. Near that read into the spectrum 2014 study found that along with several. Other mammals cat lens is transmitted significant amounts of ultraviolet which. Suggests that they possess sensitivity to this part of the spectrum. Cats have a second eyelid the nictitating membrane nictitating is such. A good word i love it. Which the thin cover that closes from the side and appears when the cat's eye. Lid opens then brain partially closes if the cats is sick. Although in a sleepy state and I bring it up invisible cats often struck that. Struggle to see Stillwater and will often this represents with paws are like. Water off their paws. That's often sleep during the day so they can hunt at night. Unlike humans cats are not need to blink their eyes on a regular basis to keep. Their eyes lubricated. Unblinking eyes are probably an advantage when hunting cats will over. Squint their eyes usually is a form of communication expressing affection and. Ease around another cat or human. Cats also have hearing human and. Cats have a similar range of hearing on the low end of the scale the captain can. Hear much higher-pitched sounds of 264 kilohertz which is one and a half. Octaves above the range of human and even one octave above the range of a dog. When listening for something a cat's ears will swivel in that direction. The cat's ear flaps pin a can independently . backwards as well as. Forwards and sideways to pinpoint the source of the sound gets can judge than. Three inches. The location of the sound being made one yard away it's gonna be useful for. Allocating pray it is common misconception that all white cats with. Blue eyes are def this is not true as there are many blue eyed cats a perfect. Hearing however white castle i do have a slightly higher incidences of deafness. And white get some other eye colors white cats having one. Lord I are called AA died and maybe def on the same side as the blue I this is. The result of a yellow iris reputation rising to the surface of the only 1i has. Blue eyes are normal at birth before they open with a cannon had a chance to. Express itself in the eyes. The domestic cat sense of smell is about 14 times as strong as humans can't have. Twice as many receptors in the olfactory. Ilium. As people do. Meaning the cats have more acute sense of smell than humans. That's also have a scent organ of the river mouths called the farmer or nasal. Or Jacobson's organ. What like it when a cat wrinkles its muzzle orange in and lets his tongue. Hanging a bit. It is opening the passes to the vomeronasal is called gaping sneering. Snake's mouth or Fleming. Getting is the equivalent of the phlegm in response of. In other animals such as dogs horses and cats I'm. You know that. With that. Here's a picture of a horse doing a funny thing we don't. Lemon response also called the phone position common reaction Fleming are. Planning to be everywhere by animals curl back its upper lid exposing its. Front teeth and nails red hospitals usually closed and then often hold this. Business for several seconds and may be performed oversight of substance or. Substances particular to the animal ed year in their pcs today reform with the. Neck stretched and held high in the air. Lemon is performed by a wide range of mammals including regulates and feel. It's. Behavior facilities to transfer pheromones and other sense into the. Vomeronasal organ located above the roof of the mouth via duct which ex is just. Behind the front teeth. The animal. Cats like dogs and other animals have a dependent museum which is your favorite. Music like that it's back to the site again. A cat has about 20 for removal whispers. Whiskers could we say. Enforce any temper lip on either side of its know some cats may have more are. Also a few on each cheek after the eyes brussels on the chin and the cats in her. Wrists and of the packet and the at the back of the legs the Sphinx and nearly. Hairless breed may have full length shorter no whiskers at all. The structure of the brain region barrel cortex in which receives information. From the Ruby say is similar to the that found in the visual cortex is rich the. Cat to create a three-dimensional map with surroundings. This doesn't mean that sensing with Teresa is tablets and have a vision. Still attached sensation and. Information has built up incrementally in small steps. We say and. It's sensation and navigation the effort to rise of mysteries. / -. Interment. That's what scares me more. DICE's ticket ordinary cat hairs and. Boots or three times deeper. The cats tissue the other. Whereas nerve endings in the basement of Catholics <month> February </month>. Early detailed information about nearby your movements and objects with which. They make physical contact. Enable a cat. His new house to go through that evening to see them whiskers also aid in hunting. Speed photography. Girls that when the cat is unstable. - to see available to see its prey because it is to post my mouth. Its whiskers move so as to form a basket shape around its muzzle in order to. Precisely did the praise position back at his whiskers and have been damaged. May fight the wrong part of its prey indicating the ride Castile information. About the shape and activities of prey. The cat family was shown in 2005 to lack the t is 1 r 2 protein one of two. Required for the function of the suite in the sensory receptor adulation of the. Relevant gene causes the shift in the genic reading frame leading the. Transcriptions that be early and no detectable MNR a mrna and protein. Produced the other protein g is when r 3 is president and all that other animals. And the relevant taste buds are still present but inactive such a genetic. Marker found in the entire family and not other animals must be the result of. The mutations in early ancestors a deletion vacation. Did not revert this would be inherited by all descendants. As the evolutionary tree branch outside some scientists now believe this is the. Root of the cat family is extremely specialized evolutionary niche as a. Hunter a carnival. They're modified sense of taste would cause the degree centigrade your plants. A large part of whose taste feel derives from their high sugar content. Remember a high-protein creditors day which is still stimulate their remaining. Taste receptors. Cat senses I shapes of the animal world him to differences in our lifestyles is. The same. I think this is an NPR article up that's based on the same study that I read. Earlier trying to click on it. Take a close look at a house cat sighs and you'll see people that look like. Vertical slits the Tiger has around people's like humans do in the eyes of. Other animals like goats and horses absolutes that are horizontal. Well that's it for me

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