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Welcome to train at the podcast where i talk to myself on a train. Today we're going to be talking about from Donald Trump in the goblins. I saw a video and a short video clip of a guy talking about Donald Trump. Interacting with goblins and i found it was pretty much pretty compelling and I. Want to know more I want to know about what Donald Trump and goblin vomit and. All the good goblin stuff. What's he doing in there this is like something this isn't the mainstream. Media is ignoring this and then like this is not right. So. Yeah. All right off your doctor Alex Jones variable. A couple of. Filed two goblins. Was routine critique of valtor's growing ties with an establishment Republicans. Libertarian. Alex jones that can we. Passage from the darkest lord of the rain / pic. What some concerns about. Eff kissing. It's okay. World Order 432 chemtrail true there Donald Trump scene seems unstable so. That's another article. Ok I never expected Trump chain charging into a goblins nest to not get some. Goblin vomit and shop and blood on him said Jones. I just don't want to catch him involved with the government but if he's in there. Rolling around hacking them up and he's got a goblin guide you know talking to. It. Taking him into it the cave I'm not expecting and to not get dirty. Especially up to his ankles. I don't want. See him kissing gallons having political succubus with goblins Jones added. So. Here's this particle. It says help me no new information. Let's go. To play ghosts and goblins DC arcade upset one. Godless spell body harvest tied into. Level creator goblin dictionary. Vomit cookies urban dictionary goblin okay here we go urban dictionary is. Probably going to give me the good stuff. Class of gangster above a goon rich people yet still from the hood killing. On others below them and has much more authority. Usually. Head of gangs and as much protection but always loyal and always keep it real. That's from 2008. Goblin better goon harder more gangster than a good. Also in 2008 small green guy federal creature. The Goblin is possessed . I'm although not often very wise goblin tends towards. The highly intelligent. For a woman of short stature who dresses as a slut and is insane. Nicole snooki on jersey shores. So we know that it's alex jones. Silvers alex jones. Jones. Back at you. Alex jones of waiting on glenn beck's comments praising facebook. CEO mark zuckerberg i told you back would come out prostrating himself lying. Down a little snake belly is a little pot-bellied on the ground and I'll sit. There and coming. All records got to control fake news and hateful and bad stuff and there's a lot. Of extremism and i agree with them. He self-immolated he's burned himself in front of everybody I Jones added. I'm not going to cook hot dogs and his fire because i like hickory and oak. I don't like roasting hot dogs over a little demonic goblin back and 16 other. Conservatives know the secretary last week in the damage control meeting with. Facebook CEO called following reports that is social media platform actively. Spread his conservative stories and is trending news section there's no goblin. Tag on break barks oh I can't click around. Sadly. We're goblin shark hasn't caught in Florida hasn't. Because of that. LA Times explains what. Yeah. The story .. Its Jill. The store. Say its skin. Yes -. Just. It's with its ok. Besides people. It's. Exchange. Extending up against tyranny. It's going to be my conversation nope. The biggest threat of tyranny coming. Lists that are. Or there's no. A strip. So far. Any reservations about Trump. Like some of them. Is he just wants to piss all over. Standing up the days days of. It's okay. You too. There's a story going to probably. Killing me won't you know what it's like you know. Like your sense of pitches and. Crap. All systems were standing up against you. It was married to feature in the air. Definition of paranoid schizophrenia. Texan radio. General. Celebrity. He is planning to kill eighty percent of the world's population and now you. Vaccines we will fluoride and pretty much everything really. Exist you have to invent him. Yeah. There is convincing evidence that Jones is in fact the new identity of allegedly. Deceased comic visionary bill hicks but you won't hear from the lamestream. Clicking on that. Rational lucky as the skeptics we came here. So wait so like that it's convincing evidence linked is like the TV troops. Are article about graph look. Yeah. One open right he's also a guy who snuck into the Bohemian Grove and took video. Which he claims shows the world elite about a sec about to sacrifice a baby to. Moloch. Um. I could just read the rest of it is just like tropes that apply to him. Michelle Obama. Joan Rivers because Michelle. Super. Comedian. Takes it. This acts like I'm crazy said listen there's hundreds of millions of views on. YouTube. I'm really surprised at how little there actually is about alex jones and goblins. This search. It's just. A bunch of articles about the same two lips. It's as if Alex Jones isn't actually obsessed with goblins. Just mentioned a few times. Ok. DJ goblin featuring alex jones sleeper cells instrumental. Just search very likes challenges here's a book. Really mad. Yeah. Ok really. Is it and. You were a book called endgame. Yeah. I don't know it's another book it's a movie. It's a documentary directed by alex jones 2007. Yeah. This is Wikipedia page. Oh it looks very happy in this photo. Alexander every alex jones warrant every eleven nineteen seventy-four is a radio. Show host documentary filmmaker writer described and many media outlets as a. Conspiracy theorist. Is syndicated news talk show. The alex jones show based in austin texas air is via the Genesis. Communications network. In short way of station WCR across the united states and the on the internet in. Video form. Jones has been the center of many controversies includes his controversial. Statements about gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school. Shooting has accused the u.s. government. The city bombing superior lives and works in the filming of fake moon. Landings to hide a secret technology. He believes that you're ready. There is this like two three minutes. There's a new world order. Keep hearing that i think is a wrestling thing. Totalitarian world government yeah okay. I don't know why they would just say that TW g7w. Yeah. Fig. Through manufacturing economic crises sophisticated surveillance Tech and. Above all inside job terror attacks that fuel explain the stereo just described. Himself as a libertarian paleo conservative and an aggressive. Constitutionalist means to in stream media sources describe Jones too. Conservative for everyone conspiracy theories and libertarian. So they agree on being a libertine being a libertarian. New york magazine described Jones and America's leading conspiracy theorist. Southern Poverty Law Center describe it. 30 years that I can. Very America. These labels. Don't said he was proud of me. Criminal. Big. David general dentist david jones also. GTA. And lemmings crackdown. There. Maker. Video podcast he reports that he has a virus chairman well mostly English. Especially in America Central. Linemen and high school football team. I graduated from matters in high school of Texas Austin Texas and that he. Three. Teenager. Red Gary Allen's none dare call it a conspiracy a profound influence on human. The easiest to read primer on the. Order. Yeah. Conspiracy ok there's no 14. Racing about it. Just think just about the author. After high school. Busted. Career. Possible alive. Like. Around. Six general. It's too forward. The show. While edition of kjfk. Several times. It's really sure that Jones really talk about his belief that the US government. Was behind the 90-95 oklahoma city bombing. Using the incident. Frank states right. Here is his first film american destroyed by design. Originated Jones and order a successful ever to be able to branch davidian. Church as a memorial to those who died here in 1992-93 fire that ended the. Government siege of original branch of the complex near waco texas you off and. Feature the project as public access television variant claim that David. Koresh and his followers are peaceful people were murdered by attorney General. Janet Reno and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms during the siege. That was some shit I remember that shit when it happened. That's all the time I have. Of that will talk to you guys next week

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