[This episode transcript has caught some of them]

pokedex: caught 62 seen 63, saw charizard at lvl 6 but didn't catch it

list of pokemon named in the episode, sorted by number

bulbasaur named blondie

charmander named chairman

charizard(probably actually a charmeleon) named chamberlain

squirtle named swirly

caterpie named afterlife

weedle named wedlock

kakuna named kafka

pidgey named budget

pidgeotto named pitsboro (? 3:35)


raticate named reactivate

raticate named tartar

spearow named spyware

fearow named fatuous (?)

ekans named rutland

akon akron akorn arbok named advil

sandshrew fanfare

sandslash safeway

nidoran female named nissan

nidorina named burritos

nidoran male named niceties

nidorina named middleton

clefairy named cleavage

vulpix named biopic

jigglypuff named bigfoot

zubat named duvet 6:35, 17:25

golbat named ?? 17:20

paras named pastas

parasect named cateract

venonat named vermont

diglett named dudley

meowth named meth(?)

persian named pottstown (?)

psyduck named postfix? (repeated at 16:30)

mankey named manly

growlithe named girtha

poliwag named ?? (repeated at 16:20)

abra named acura

machop named nachos

tentacool named shampoo

geodude named geordy (?)

graveller named grandly

ponyta named donuts

rainbowdash (rapidash) named taiwan

magnemite named ? (9:40)

doduo named folio

seel named dell?? (again at 15:30)

onix named info

krabby named conte?

voltorb named jilton?? (10:35)

exeggcute named derbyshire

cubone named cubicle

likitung named locating

koffing named logging?

rhyhorn named rhubarb

horsey named jersey

goldeen named hoboken

pinsir named kindle

magikarp named magisterial(?)

eevee named ebert

vaporeon named caption

jolteon named houston

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