Talking about campus. Is he real. The sea level the. Little children presence. Campus. P.m. please practice of gotta added having cramps campus. St. Nicholas known as Santa Claus. Very good father Christmas has it been everyone figure who were schoolchildren. Vision of many crafters printing for NBC punishing his campus real. Trivia facts about. Christmas. Was not. Oh it's December 6th. Already passed. This is this contest is really going to matter in. Sick. Campus and the single crystals diamond in the rough for hundreds of years ago. This fucking movie that's what we were talking. It is. We're locked in now I'm advertising for this movie now. Is campus the creepy creature from the FBI. The same name real is Christian seller asking after this movie trailer yeah I. Would. Whether Clemens real depends on one's definition of real it also depends on. One's definition of campus and it also depends on your definition of is so. Thanks for that special occasion. IBTimes that come to those who are worried can rest easy there's no. Physical so that's not to say that. Thinking of making money off at a critical campuses creation of the. Friending meme. Discontinued. They finally got to the facts are facts he promised us because you have to have. A number in your article first reduce Christian Jesus. December 6th ok this whole. An ad for them he basically. Full. Returns it. Before it returns. Wikipedia page so that's nice. And precious actually pretty terrifying cup sugar. Just came first real. Christmas Day. 10 fun factor here. Office 2007. Real legit that's the question which is Krampus do is crafted a comedy campuses. A demon. And Oscar ovarian German speaking out find folklore Travis figure 2 during the. Christmas season punishes children David Nicholas her work so well behaved gifts. In Austria feature similar figures and were widely campus one of a number of. Dependents of st. Nicholas in the regions of Europe figure is unclear some. Folklorist anthropologists have postulated precursor to the figure she. Germanic paganism. Said that traditional permits have been such as the Krampus loaf Krampus run its. Offense. Ok. In traditional parades. And in such as the Krampus look young men dressed this campus participate. That's one hell of a sentence I'm spending the rest of the podcast. Recurring out who wrote that sentence and fly. History. Do this on mobile to mobile site you can't look at the page story in the. Bible say. I go to the desktop site. You history ok. All right there are over 500 edits look at the 10 min and it had its mostly in. The past week probably. Said it uses. Seen this. Young men participate. Phrase actually was added in the past like 20 edits I can totally do finery. Search. Traditional. Career decision ventures to craft a slow for young men are such a discrepancy. Participate. It is such a bad said at least. December 8  a.m.. Separate . Those two hits. 420. Has it. 350. Was the 425 pets wiki. It was automatically accepted according to the weather. Accepted. Looking at automatically accepted does not. You. Changes. Here's the before and after. Traditional parade before. Traditional parades and ministers campus just the campus though. Occur annually most Alpine town. In traditional here's the after a traditional Chinese at such events such. As the crown for slope young man dressed as campus participate. That is an objectively worst sentence. Good job that squeaky. When I look at it like many bits ricky is a. They're like. Log that can read. User. Ok user has likes it. Sandbox. 10 bucks texts. Video projects within 30 terrorist task force. I can't I can't find anything about this weekend so. Just gonna search Google for. It's tricky. PDF anything strategy that's exactly. You want to use your bets with you. Somewhere safe. It's Ricky websites to me. That squeaky about a person gets Wiggy. And demands. It's nothing. Here. This person. Rule never know but this user makes. Nicholas and it's terrible. Let's take a look at their next added that it is made and seconded. It was. It was this is the said it does one thing it changes in the sentence campus. Is an evil man. It capitalizes is. The title of that kind of makes sense although I'm pretty sure that's not. Standard capitalism is entitled. And the next day it adds a paragraph about the movie. Just doing is there anything else I this person. Contributes Burton. Campus campus Krampus Krampus. All right let's let's take a look at this persons and its to the history of. West Virginia. They capitalized as much as in the total accident in coal mines. Ok I was just gonna say this person just spends like. It's like a full-time job but they actually spend a couple hours every day. They just go on a rampage today. They have. They put something in the description that they just they just described it as. Copy edits young men dressed as campus participate. Just called it a copy at it. In this. Change to Alexander majors article that's week each corrects the death. Place. According to this story with majors died in Missouri in the afternoon made his. Day in Chicago Cook County Illinois neither one has a citation. And we look at their older contributions. And they added an awful. In June 2008 this person goes way back. Changed ok just before recommending stories are a delicacy in some western. Parts of the USA and Canada after rocky mountain oysters are deficit in some. Cattle raising parts of the western USA and Canada that's probably true. That's probably. This person the benefit of the doubt and say that's probably a true correction. And useful. More edits to Chris constant and listen to. Changing. He was a competitor on Iron Chef at risk constantino to do was go ahead and run. The Next Iron Chef apparently the show was called The Next Iron Chef. I feel like I can really get to know beds wiki by the Wikipedia pages that. Year she copy edits. Just you know. Is looking at list of interest maple sugar. Conceded the Maritimes. In 2008 the person added category food and drink 20 the Maritimes. Shield him sooner. Person. Removed a bunch of sherry it's from the external links section Jill Kintner page. Corrected the spelling of dual to do all. All those bullet points used to have periods at the end of them and. Apparently you're not supposed to look in there is a cyclist Native American. Cuisine eskimo hi. Animal husbandry. Is either the western United States. August 25th. They were much more realistic. Back in 2008 and 2009. Villagers Maurice lol birds and trees more secure schools and Tino. List of people from Colorado black-on-black waterway what is this was. This other editing the talk page so we can read something. That's what we seem to have some consistency. Flacco lower case versus black Africa its way toward used whatever he's fixing. It is beyond my capability can someone straighten this out. Talk page. To the talk page changing it. Period to a question. Some toast. Someone else to say. It also. Change it's a peptide hormone that regulates the endocrine system thanks to. A transmission. Cell proliferation. G-protein broke so. Last seven years. Person to like. Copy edits today. Yeah removing a comma. So specific. DiCaprio bill wattenburg Porter Rockwell ordinary movie. In case the money implication. Cooking. Sports cell disease. Lol person. Bachelor's degree. Cannot just. Undo. Campus campus campus. History. Gonna hit undo here. Said it cannot be undone due to conflicting intermediate and its due. Change it must be done manually change was that one sentence I'm going wrong. Know you know it doesn't run too. There's more than one sentence changed. Just as congress participate. That sounds just still kills me right

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