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It. Ahora hey ho ho. The. Guys live I 40 me I. Think the whole trial was a. A seen completely. For me. Researching that. Operation about. First. Right around. Writer Malcolm 31 area code. Space cool. This writer says I it's summer or something. From the space toast 5 her. Space just sounds delicious irony that. Mission great. Mission great last time Indiana time. Arkansas I ate here over. There. I not like rap music more moral what are your feelings on radical. You are doing well and good John. Well it's really john sommer okay I'm is gender you john. Iraq ok is probably just as good as regular Coke I'm guessing they don't. Like. Shell should be with coke to the rats arm. If they do then I'll be the first to sign the petition. To stop it all right let's get into it Thursday she's done. Closed look for kato kaelin. Kato can I here's an attractive guy. Jeanne moos. The United the movies with the in basketball. According to this he was in basketball. I find the cast a basketball. Makes people. I'm looking ahead to people like you know kaelin was driveway and how often. Owns a radio personality Fernandes I just look this guy up. Acadia hospital like guessing it was letters. Kato kaelin. Brian gerard kato kaelin was an American radio and television personality who. Gained fame as a witness during the 1994 to 1995 murder trial. OJ simpson came as the game kid it was a child after the character played by. Bruce Lee in the television series The Green Hornet. He graduated from Nicolet high school a. Yeah okay but I never never graduated from. University of wisconsin-eau Claire station gotta. Talk show kato and friends who are interested the game show on campus. Television station TV 10. I he moved to Hollywood because he was an aspiring actor. Kato karen was best friends with actor comedian Norm Macdonald. Oh man someone to my site next to me and heard I was talking to myself it's. Pretty good. And then looked away instead was best friends with actor comedian Norm account. For mid 2008 it and wanna bring me down from the norm show. Coast are already weighing in. Can was even gonna get stronger shows you had a falling out was in their. Friendship. Should take over 1983 Hey. Child. Him and came to rest for his role as a minor witness for the prosecution. 35 trial of OJ simpson for the murders simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. Around. Baltimore. Me 1994 can I was staying at it. Guest house in the simpson property it was present at the compound on the night. Of the two murders on june 12 that she witnessed summers influence. Before and after the time of the murders so. Hey little story seem to contradict simpson's version of the events. On some key points as kaelin testified he could not account for simpson's. Whereabouts. 39 36 p.m. 11 p.m. on the evening of the murders. Leaving where's that place which the prosecution alleged occurred between 10. P.m. and  p.m.. Over his sarcastic gramley and inconsistent testimony. Or four days made in less than ideal witness. Prosecutor marcia clark wasn't marcia clark. Montgomery PJ on MTV that's what I remember anyway. Assumed she was at the cabin. Prosecutor marcia clark and declared a hostile witness. Well as a hostile witness nineties there tomorrow and. 10 yet hostile witness otherwise known as an adverse witness earn a favor a. Witness. Okay as witnesses at trial was touchdown and directed at 10 2010 from the. Antagonistic or appears to be contrary to legal question regarding. All the little Asia been issuing Thursday you step by half. Yeah okay. Group. And Josh closeness sure reportedly much talent as a. Preloader i've seen considerably attention following the testimony was go. Quite a committee in school. Meet later this every week somewhere like you know what i mean lol. Allegedly harassing at all. For her syndicated have. History. It was. I was thinking you know that. Here it with kaelin shirtless cool killing civilians real implications for. Libel. Federal trial judge dismissed the case saying story. Was not libelous or malicious however can appear. Appeal the decision was reversed with appeals courts. Ruling stated we hold the reasonable jurors could find that clear and. Convincing evidence established one. Front-page headline closely insinuating the police believe the kaelin committed. The murders. And to the force insinuation was not necessarily cured by subheading. Or by the non defamatory sorry about Kayla that appears 17 pages away. Thank you I he also hold a hill in. Produced sufficiently clear and convincing evidence and users. Knowledgeable falsely reckless disregard for the truth. With headline to defeat the motion for summary judgment. With him was a landmark case in level of finding that headline could be. Considered libel. At seems like it should have been the case already generator settlement world. Indications I record. Here. Yeah parties involved in the OJ Simpson trial here in the early nineteen. Eighties. In early nineteen eighties movie called beach fever nameplates which is. Character created a love potion. His friend and hit on girls beach. He also said in a low budget movie our movie night shadow 1989. Had a minor role in National Lampoon's dorm daze 2 2006. Yeah kaelin appeared on the first episode of our spirituality mad tv. October 95 need make an appearance on the CBS comedy mister showing with Bob. And David. Granger's for season however 95 it was a totally Richard formation. Bottom eyes out here or didn't rule already. 00. Morning after the simpson trial Palin made numerous stories in reality. Television just too seriously goes in for a person to be turned over to them. For a reality show whole house. Yes 2008 she would live any other celebrities homes. That's right over here the night he was seen an episode of the reality series. Sunset and I have. We for farmers tan. He was also a guest player on the sixth episode Comedy Central series reality. Bites backing. To that name he was contesting the talks reality show. Well show anyway reality show. Where celebrities you receive their own reality show. Okay apparently. They were already hit workers in levels 2008. Seven years ago. Jumped the shark. Call somebody shoes you know this year. Selling a home for sale for answering a call to a horse show. It was a contestant on the game show Russian Roulette as well as the reality. Dating show. Ghost and he wouldn't know in 2005 get here. First national instrument your favorite programs killing is never over her. Great. Tell her film that he didn't hedonism to nature's 30-year-old. Jamaica going to bed first few days there were the hardest. Waiver bunnies WWE diva's internet models competing in the mid texas holdem. Games. Fundraising or other church and both had a dive in the pool shame in his if he. Does get worse. Guesthouse where kaelin interview the new DVD players can also appeared in the. Air. Numerous comedic skits K. He is also working to vote on television and radio research I'm in a 95 he worked. OK. Radio talk shows and Kayla sex in Los Angeles provided online content for. National anthem. June 2005 sometime in 2006 can help us decipher and I. Daytime for TV show the mall TV tortures negated 34 countries. I can as a recurring guest video game review show explain the maturity that. Right here to get started the Webster University starving the wagnerian. Usually kerosene on the surcharge by no parroting people work at your table. Keyword kato title cute you work 80 in 2010. Feel appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher. Wearing a wig place and urself and it takes care carrying the 1990s television. Appearances the 2010 US Senate. Candidate casino. Briefly made national headlines again when he complained he never told the New. York Post columnist cindy Adams Rd simpson. Definitely feel this way garcetti six persons opinion before. That he thinks it's something I have no first-hand. Shit. I was just a list for everything these guys done. Life. Yeah so when I saw this video. I saw this 15-minute video get testimony. And he's definitely let he's definitely. It's the way he became like he was score was on television repeatedly all year. Actually where he became a minor celebrity because he is. You know very charming and attractive. Same thing for the. Lawyers involved because I mean. What they were doing three the annual ok. Curious about his did the impact stop broadcasting. Trials on TV because like. I remember that happening a lot and they really. These that happening elections so. Actually figuring that out. State. She. Gardellin broadcasting every it. For her room for terrestrial broadcasting Government in some firms. Than others. Some argue these a mediocre proceedings I'm not really sure system. Present cameras can create delicious information that can damage the networks. Hey that's okay I Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 23 States except as. Otherwise provided by statute. These rules my girl is not permitting programs in the current during the. Proceedings are the broadcasting digital proceedings from the courtroom yet. So federal grand experiment with cameras from 1991 to 1994. Yet that's what I was thinking but he really feels like a very specific. Arafat. Here's a reference yeah I know. Know this reference this link to the russian teen clearly. Out-of-date. Family. Is about it there's now a link to an entirely different story. It so that's not helpful it. Cars have thus far been unwilling to overturn a ban on camera setting. Concerns with that expert expenditure. Usual time on administration and oversight a broadcasting the necessary. If sequestering juries they will not look at television during the trial. Itself. Make the difficulty in impaneling an impartial jury in the case for retrial. University a larger jury panels are increases marshals. West Oakland station and psychological effects on witnesses jurors lawyers and. Judges and related considerations. Salinity dignity and the like am. Like no by Justice David Souter said. The day you see a camera come into work or room it's going to roll over my dead. Body. The sunshine in the courtroom at strangers by Charles Grassley we. Authorize the presiding judge. The US appellate court where US district court to permit the programming of. Recording. Broadcast your television to public court proceedings over there wasn't a. Precise rates on china's quarterly. Attorney is a bill to allow the broadcasting at US district court in US. Court of Appeals proceeding with any on-line apparent reference allure and. Asian markets. Sunshine is the best disinfectant girl doing shield. Prozac relates federal workers she had 43. Picture to the sks the area up comedy. By bill was introduced in 2005 2007 2008 2009 is is not a bill approved by Senate. Judiciary Committee. Like liking. Group being it. The. He was open to issue. Closed. Poll also opined the lawyers to the jury had a camera and the jurors stated they. Like Cameron said the current with a wonderful. Know what they heard accident waiting to hear 36 on breakdrum newscaster to me. Hey faster and cheaper at Judge John. Plan I'm proposing a law stating that nice and defense a fair trial. The defendant corporation might or go straight to trial because it does not. Want it president. Personal channel television like. My yeah your search less concerned the television trucks could increase. International. Threats against federal judges nm Courtney. For me nah. Here through it. Daniel and healthy or use the televising trials can distort the truth. Process in a criminal trial in chill witnesses willingness to referee. I am. Television transmitters people with developmental financial. Decision whether to tell us how does not lend itself to a case by case. Determination it. And the television drugs can transform into a foreigner can run around. Dignity and respect for judicial institutions para hacerlo. Counter-argument there is no evidence famous camera any greater psychological. Effect on a back burner with strangers. For the camera undermine truthful testimony singularly. The pointed out that as much no tracking there's never in his insider. Experimentation is not possible you know impaired that on the effective. Television. On it. You know and are you majority of Americans had no personal truly a system. And it was naturally over here original television. Trail dress on television extremely important to continue my ability little. Chance to make. And the individual understanding that system and Senator Charles Schumer are. You the courts are important for the material. Yeah more government intervention public more dignified they become. Yeah and the more he plays drums understand them I. On camera workroom appear justified and in the public eye at how well the system. Works. Yeah okay I like growth. Que es Q no injustice or more in the game keratotomy. Word yeah mccollum's fine in 1956. Do we hear complaints employment matters. Always remember mark transition a publisher researches destroys the media. Service. The degree of inter-korean misconceptions my Republic. The answers are obvious carried out with the new york. Not become undignified because more people may be permitted to see and hear. Yeah william O douglas are utilizing trial should not be allowed. Springer spaniel rescue depression-era thank you. Dreamland particularly in jurisdictions richard is re-elected. Changed in reference to their unit cameras making this is nervous. For measures to the rescue Gohmert said a anything there is a stupid thing and. Here is a good thing to witness an exponential inaccuracies come too late. An easier to observe on. Responded to the area where the cameras making this is the more like it says hi. By saying there's a thing called a subpoena. Any enduring he found that if people have already come to court and their. Right to testify. Happened and are very helpful as best as I can talk. You again this is a. So he could be a page doesn't really have any I'm. Any. Yeah and you have to this page has a mission to generate. Way. Like anybody yet. Now. Black. I don't like the one in congressional testimony it had posted and I was. Assistant assistant district attorney is my career trying criminal cases. And based on my experience is that you and I actually feel the camera and the. Defendant town. In the perm benefit and defended a public trial jurors fairness. Thing that ever has a public trial adventures professionalism by his. Lawyers and the judge. And a camera and a killer amendment protection the defendant's right to a. Public trial. For also opined that the lawyers pleaded sure enough for the camera. The jersey really like camera inside her me on the phone with knowing what they. Heard. Okay Thursday apparently already relishing the minority. Graduation is about making america. Gone there is a debate over televising Supreme Court proceedings. Kerzner like cameras at Hurley his negatives oral argument and opinion held. Public radio 2009 pennsylvania senator arlen specter. Now. Seven cosponsors a resolution to expression sense if congress little. Attention to the core should be televised 2009 inspector also introduced. A bill that would require open sessions are required to be televised. Did you know ted Poe introduced a related bill in the House of. Representatives January 2009. The only exception is televising the court on this legislation would be a. Majority of justices decided what we're seeing that allowing such coverage in. Particular case it violates the due-process rights. %uh any other parties involved. Punish reason the builder car. Televising scream court appearance proceedings are expected. Our inspector announced Supreme Court makes pronouncement unconstitutional a. Federal law that have a direct impact on the rate americans. Was rated be substantially enhanced by a television this early into the courts. Where people can. See and hear the issues presented supporters a speaker's proposal reaction. That. Reason that other current proceedings are already televised thousand. From the senate covered most remove a C span. I tell lies in the courts they are you that americans would have more access to. The most important institution. US judiciary which will result in a more on your interest bank around. It's been good he really continue reading 0. Content tell was more important than states proceedings can change the way. We're going to public policy. Cool. 3 greater attention to the overall. 2010 New York Times editorial States public ass anxiously. Work. Closer to 10. French great. For me. 3 we should just is come. Region he remained relatively rarely have it and rarely after that. Under confirmation hearing to know. Seriously mentally or universities. Open to the idea television perversity stating and have a positive experience. Camera. Passage I experimented using cameras in the courtroom and participated I. Volunteer. US senators cosponsors pictures and mission word here for a record as. Favoring televising the word means. Here the list. Like. Wellington literally. Proceedings remembered planet States be televised. Is a threat to national independence and this. Separation of powers in addition several days now. Court project is or solicitation including. Justice Anthony Kennedy I you are using the measure would not allow it. Blinding headache and for instance July between original. Difference final. Gradual. Or some justices believe televising single. Change the way they act in the courtroom clarence thomas also hand. Telling you ever since with used to love. Religious. Security concerns is also believed. Television original was really hard. Little industries Prairie mall. Partly to mostly bored and expressed growers are also have to consider. Colonial. Free moral this for links with no actual. Go. Went all financial rolling with the planet voters think it was a lesbian. Community association with a democracy. 26 percent the televising the things we've done right here 30 accord. For 10 weeks dependent on the affected television coverage and professional. 45 percent in a televised proceedings will be able to look into it anymore in. Making decisions. 31 presented in rehab is generally can be identified with me too much. 5 percent girl say they're not sure say the telling her how technology rules. Going on. Well majority of jews lucia prisoner and finger injuries. 300 Federal Hill Station have to understand the questions regarding its. Day's proceedings. Sometimes a really if they were televised on each other said it said. They'd never watch the cord. On here we are long-held. Crew will station local. It. Thanks for listening. Served cold. Again next week.

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