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-Train Hot Dog, the podcast where I talk to myself on a train. Today we're going to be talking about time travel and the various theories that abound for how time travel works. Um, which is to say, the different models of time travels used in fiction.

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I'm pretty sure someone on Wikipedia has enumerated this already so let's search- wikipedia, time, travel, models. Mh, tone trave-time travel models. Time Travel in Fiction, that seems plaaausible. Time [audio clips] travel (see also). Uhh, time travel can be the central theme of the plot or merely a plot device to set the story in motion. Whereas the theme of time travel may be restricted in hard science fiction, which would examine the cause and effects of time travel paradoxes within may be allowed in soft science fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi fantasy which may ignore these aspects and focus on the fantastic wonders and adventures (unreliable source). Sean Redmond regards the time travel motif as providing a necessary distancing effect which can allow fiction to address contemporary issues in metaphorical ways, and valuable for providing a view of history where every person is significant.

Early Stories Featuring Time Travel

The Time Machine by HG Wells, in ancient Hindu mythology the Mahabarata, written around 700 BC mentions the story of King Revaita, who travels to a different world to meet the creator Brahma. The King is shocked to learn that many ages have passed when he returns to Earth. Sounds like time-travelling by time passing. Uhhh. In the play Anno 7603 by Dano-Norwegian poet Johan Herman Wessel, or something, in 1781, the two main characters are moved to the future 7603 by a good fairy. Aww, thanks fairy!

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, alright we don't need the list. Um. List of time travel science fiction [audio clips?], list of games, temporal paradox, time viewer.

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