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Gets hot through the entire. There. May also be green because that's my question now first writer mail. Notes. Ago. 917 area code. Writer writes jumbo jumbo jet. Able it's me it's it's it's it's me mister 917 but you can call me Jade Jade. Gigi is standing for great game you know what I need anyway thanks for the answer. That's that's answer my question from last week but I have a new question for. You because April is frog pond how are you baby celebrating April is fried my. Thanks buddy has always loved you peace out have a good day in five by. Hadn't heard of that maybe that explains broad that tips the URL that everybody's. Been sending me. Lately I'll probably celebrate by going to front up tips and reading some tips. For those are pretty funny. Answers your question. Also how is it that you're getting so much more. This is my question to you mister 917 how is it that you're getting so much. More. Understand and will text of the Google Voice transcriber is almost like. Reasonable punctuation in. There it's weird. Alright. It's time to start. Here we got segments now. Going to search for green hot. Think that's a good way to start this episode. Green shot a free and open source that too. Shot shot green hot sauce hot springs. Putting green. Includes. Complete says green hot sauce green hot tap water green open letters. Bad you don't want that hot chocolate hot wheels really hot peppers green hot. Dogs green hot air balloon. Us for sushi I'm gonna go ahead and. Written quote comes up. Cinnamon. But we not wheels. Yeah alright. Colors. So. Doesn't it'll turn. Ready to get answers. Thermochromic materials such as metals reversibly change color as their teacher. Is changed. Color is a function of the human visual system. Up next on how they go out later that appears to be a color picture cards. Color exists only in. Emission metal object itself is sort of late but spectra. We're doing excellent chart displaying. Tempered Towery medals by color please go to the web we weave link provided. Below in the source of section ok let's take a look at your sources buddy. There's no sources anymore. The sources from Yahoo Answers. So sad. Others if he did little heat. The color. Colors of heated medals sizes dot com. 40 metres became available experts interviewed steel and iron brass color. Red. Red red red cherry red cherry red cherry red or orange red orange yellow yellow. Wait wait wait wait. 0 like this is how come see you going from four hundred degrees Celsius. Dazzling wait. Colors for tempering. Very pale yellow light yellow pale straw yellow straw yellow deep sorrow yellow. Yellow yellow brown brown yellow spotted red purple hair ago. Good stuff. Light purple full purple dark purple. Dark very dark. Steel company 1908. Magic. And bring steel and as playing it is kinda. Its oil spill. Yl. Whitewater it is gonna stop pointing out the spelling. Anachronism because their support. Is accustomed to clinch the universe. Domain a little. That they may not. Nothing happened. Put me. For its better than this certain experiment may be made so we can self. Oil and it may be rested and broken ones hands and I water it may be made so hard. And stuff that it will help like led. Site. Is still turning. Shift in color. Be reflected off. Richard I'm curious with chips turned blue. That's beautiful. Tops. Talking. That's it. Plays developmental. Like there's little too. Skipper. Spokesman. Still. Attendees. Christmas parade 2012. Springs or Denver. Tired. Jizz. As an example of tempered martensite martin say is that a word. X 1200. Frances was used throughout the world for me to Europe and Africa they. Differed medal methods and feeling bad for clinching have been invented during. Ancient times when she and urine blood or metals like mercury led president. Temperatures remain. Relatively unchanged over the ages. Clinching. Receives the script both techniques. Happy to. Visit to choose colors to color the color wheel. Vibrant colors like replacing to stay here. Ritual. Day. So. Carrier

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