[This GDC May Dog]

New gdc hot dog listening as I brew something coffee

They're arguing about what's a roguelikes

Jim looks it up and they don't want him to so Justin looks it up and Jim is skeptical about what's in his phone

Wow I'm butchering this(edited)

Then Rachel heard a notification, and is is desperate for rider mail

The rider mail was a text about some article about all the things that give you cancer

They try to go to some website I forgot which and it takes then to and Jim's like.. Wtf is king. Com

Rachel is like... JIM! THAT'S your spirit animal

Jim hates everyone younger than him. Also he's so old. They're saying he's in his late 40s!

Jim's being a back seat driver

Now Just talking about the starcraft 2 arcade. Literally, Justin is blabbing about it.

Today at 8:00 AM Edit

Jim believes we're past that era where people's from outside a game community don't care about games being made within/for that community

Talking about tower defense games thatve been popular

Rachel loves em. Justin dislikes them.

They said it's getting too much life a real podcast they need to look up something or talk about something stupid

Rach vehemently against watching some stupid video while driving

Even tho supposedly she succumbs to peer pressure

Jim's mom had a tears for fears / Depeche mode mixtape when he was growing up, so he gets confused between music that sounds similar.

They saw alcatraz island.

Rach talking about humans good at depth perception, but not estimating distance or volume

Justin is like thaaaaats not that far pshh I could escape from alcatraz.

Just: ain't ppl ever escaped? Jim bring up that like cuz it's in media it's popular

J$stin wwnna look at helicopter escapes from prison on the google.

Also they see a redwood stump on a truck? I guess it's a noteworthy event.

They're saying it's been poached, or someone took it, rach knows a bit about it

She believes it's dead and they said might as well poach it. Jim and just are skeptical.

Supposedly Jim got a picture of it, maybe not a good one.

Back to the helicopter escapes, just listing out the fictional ones per Jim's request

Oh about the tree stump it's wider than just is tall And bigger than this clown car rach says

But just is skeptical about the whole thing.

I wonder if that's how he always is or if there's contention between them lol love ya just.

"Anyway, as just likes to say" so Just brings up Fresno they're like Fresno doesn't exist nobody lives there some wierd inside joke

Today at 9:45 AM Edit

The poster that was half zootopia half jungle book is now full jungle book

They're making pink Floyd references jack kerouac 1970 syd Barrett. Nothing more about it, no context, just just saying those words like references for funny.

Just is cracking me up though with his listing of the Monty python members after he reminded rach of the correct one.

"Ringo Starr" "lord byron" list some british ppl rach: "jack the ripper"

"harry potter" "napoleon" "charles darwin" "spaghetti"(jim) "that's chinese"(just)

idris elba" "isn't that david bowie's wife" Just: did you know bowies real name is davy jones. And he says he'll explain the reason why but he never does he just goes into saying that

Duncan jones is david bowiesson he directed moon and warcraft movie rach: groan just: it's gunna be good it's got SFX from WETA

Today at 10:01 AM Edit

It has that dude from the history channel vikings show in it. gord and his wife saw it and said it has a bunch of dudes getting raped in it rach: oh wonderful, sounds like something i want to watch. Just: Dudes NOT ladies, just DUDES. Just: Well I guess that's a brave twist. Jim: yeah gotta really sell it to the alt rape fetishists. Just: is that a joke abt rape jim: uh-huh just: you lost your last listeners Jim: we don't have listeners

Just: laughing what about merv from the space coast?

Jim: directly to the microphone, as if he's talking to merv indirectly Merv hasn't sent in a rider mail in six months so... pretty sure we've lost merv. Rach: He's dead

Just: maybe he moved from the space coast. now he's just merv, i can ask him. hey, merv.

they keep saying it like merf, it's Murph(edited)

"hey merf, did you move"

he hangs out in gary's slack

Just: He was like oh hey just so you know, i'm the murph from the space coast and i listen to THD and you guys do a really good job with that. and i'm like are you sure? rach: that's pretty much the correct response to that laughing(edited)

theyr'e cracking up

they're hysterical

justin just shit his pants a little

they're complaining that it smells

okay they're recovering

Rach: there's the gold club, what did your friend say? Just: he said they have the best dining establishment in San Fran

and i told him you were familiar with the gold club and vetoed a visit when we walked past it

and he said you should have acted incredulous like "oh i thought it was a fancy resturaunt lke they have a really fine dining eperience with men sitting around smoking cigars drinking brandy like a gentlemans club"

rach ruined just's flow of his joke.

Asher's thing the, guy skateboards alot.

He's asher, he's the new kid, he likes to skateboard!

Jim: Asher Skateboards?

it's the longest ep of GDC hotdog yet

just reading an article of some comedy troupe

Rach says this parking is madness, some people are stopped some people are parking it's madness

Jim is just realizing donald glover / childish gambino connection

Jim is gunna pop out and meet his friend

good night it's a fart sound

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