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Welcome to a train out to cast where I talk to myself on a train or in this. Case talk to the people in this car going to gcc I will talk more about the. Premise of this episode soon but right now I have to figure out where we're. Actually going yes but I have to plug an address in to this phone here so we can. Get on the highway but I don't think there's no hope this. That's pretty good. Introduce ourselves as fuck yeah yeah so going to GDC with Justin who's doing. Writing on fractions with little cell is doing are done frog fractions. Like eighty percent of companies are ya hours on the last 20 percent positive I. Hear ya like only two-thirds of a person through just an awful person usually. Don't like to vote also so we park when we get to San Francisco Google that. Works if you didn't know why would you do it as well I feel bad for those. People who use the navigation yes they must have an empty all in their lives. And the other to just keep shooting on the only listeners that's good no it's. Not like we're gonna make it any worse than the losses. Sometimes if you tell you that the press and the freest brought to you by Toyota. Today like to set up an Amazon affiliate link so that people can buy the Prius. Driver tried and they drive it to rate them back to their pier 999 83 miles. Question there was totally a parking lot that we like it wasn't right. Really good idea but first let's definitely do that but first writer mail. No we don't writer's writer mail is when the Space Coast the hotline it leaves a. Message. Automatic voice transcription software send me an email and I read the email. Allowed on the podcast it's always mangled English teachers the. Transcription software is terrible I also like. From another world like they find it doesn't come from the Norwegian shaft to. Pass out and locked in a room and then spend hours talking about what they'd. Like to get together because there's tension think like an imposter but with. New tension with Elliot is just locked in a room with the most interesting part. Discovery for you know like that and then the military's like us if we'd. Character wants to be friends and its ranks. Over and over again. Robots really is present in the current cultural climate so just do that. An ash was dressed which means that they're actually very clever but they. Were disappointed because there's been a lack of light so well you can hear me. The premise of this is that I'm going to we're gonna be recording a podcast at. The train hotdog going to and from GDC all week today this week two episodes a. Day and I'll be releasing one of these month in lieu of usual trend hotdog. Episode and even though that's not technically year I'm just gonna say. It'll make DDC last all year all of this. Sure yeah that's that's that's what I want to bring to you the listener. The applause no I listener ok yes just like driving a car with us is no we. Should just had one of you to not talk and then a different person every time I. Talk to any funny voices voice we have noted British find new places.  the clock but there's also a drug 6 o'clock in a Prius and returned to the. Rental lot. Experts from all parts of the world s. Happier. Stop it because. Street

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