[At press time this GDC June Dog has yet to receive a sandwich.]

Concerns - wash yeah yeah that's actually how else. Man it's clipping like help. I bet it's clinic as of events. Ok but looking to look under GDC hot dog. Turn right on the post three this is like the June episode or something like. These years in the labyrinth and make a right turn one way street. I don't know what you're putting I think you go on the right side of this thing. Like a grand a year. What do you know. Ok there turn right onto montgomery street making random Montgomery was left. And said raises my risk in Stockton. Holy shit this city and a lot of construction. There's always construction sure activity damn is only one way street the. Confusing por los angeles. Weller like my club it's a pronounced Los Angeles you know just Angelina. Personally I am a female persuasion remember you guys these and jokes are. Months old now. Don't make jokes this is a true story about the way that I don't foresee. Fucking streets are the in jokes being mispronouncing Spanish words. Oh yeah that was a joke I thought it was I thought it was pretty funny. Well you know I support you. Joy I support your alternative joke lifestyle. All right you're gonna make it right under Montgomery and then immediately a. Sharp left of the damaged portion hot dog looks cool will get on the bridge. Soon where we explain to our listeners and how to navigate how to get to my. House. Yeah from the shaker destructoid party. Yeah that party was a lot out of 10 would not destructoid yeah carry the. Number of people leaving in droves should have indicated to you how good. That party was midnight they there was a pretty constant stream of people like. Walking in walking downstairs seeing what was going on and then leaving. Whether he was fine was there like jello wrestling now. No it was just a big bedroom that was almost too dark to see. Just like you couldn't you could barely see it and don't like shows it's ok to. Me. It wasn't a chef me it wasn't a show excuse me I'm full of gas. Go ahead years yeah so you went down into this basement that was almost too. Dark until atmosphere if you like structure and let it right there right. I can't do it I'm in the wrong lane no you're my shirt but it was ok. It was a strong lady would come then I was it was shown out that your body was. Unable to process the amount of dump that well. All right let's see what happens when you okay just turning left no nation. Street ball you understand this . up and I don't know if you can turn right here. But try know you wanted what we just did a 360 on the bab you can do it anyway. Okie dokie let the both of them. Here's here's your here's your proof that it was sucking so we went and came. Out like 10 minutes later he used a lot of things and I've been to win her. Christmas party she's there for like not only is the arbiter mold party quality. Yeah baby don't know she's at the Christmas party for like 20 minutes that. Was a rank was 20. That was twice as long as I just said and I was ok. I've heard so far is that it was dark it was dark and it was too loud to have a. Conversation even of all shouting what know is that because of music or was. That because of the people know it was because of being incredibly. Loud DJ playing like we're like i don't i guess it was dubstep because. Occasionally the base dropped ok it was music and yeah he's dropping it like. Yeah that was funny. Good and they're not a wonderful time personally I we were very own party at. Like this weird like expect very expensive. Floral park a more sort of thing and I should have gone to that and yeah it was. Super red. I figured I really know anybody was closing made reading frames and had a. Lot of really really weak range is a little upsetting to be honest I met some. Cool people who work in harmonics they showed up. I tried to have a conversation with their then they decided it was too loud. And dark so they left a bunch of babies and now you make a right onto an Essex. After the I like after the bridge right right right right right right yeah. Here sorry hello you presume that everyone who is babies and not that the. Party was just so you know it sounds terrible it was terrible it was. Legitimately the worst case you serious i've had yeah. Hey I have a lot going on right now you may be snide to make collected. Commentary. There was are driving there was a dude dressed as the destructoid mascot. That's pretty cool we had someone dresses and bush Edward Scissorhands and. One of the Mars Attacks aliens which Bush George or George's don't like is it. Like a shrubbery or Jeb shrubbery. Did he ask you to please clap no I met a guy that just like Greg the seven. I thought he was just a bald guy yes. Ok it was regular seven. I was criticized in the army he was a super giant party. Yeah like when they don't like superchargers did you go to the super. Giant party before you went to the finger Rachel without me never i never. Went to the thing I like about you actually. But I would have liked to go to the Super turn party I do great king salmon. I didn't know it was happening I was just like I met up with a friend and the. Friend was like let's go to the super giant party and I wasn't there. Yeah you gotta spread the word around great. I'm sorry remember. That max I think and he was excited because he knew about frog fractions. Yeah I didn't are there more stickers I've almost run out really people really. Like them. Really several people have reported one which one's jokes mind whether the three. And six ones. Yeah people love me the others are those are definitely people's favorite. I think that three is the one that people like the most. Although several of the girls from harmonix really like the Lisa Frank me. Oh good good yeah it makes me land there were a couple people who really were. Into that. Really yeah I got it I got over which is no like final fantasy reality like that. Idea the guy from 50 mega really really liked the the document not the doctor. Must be our final fantasy 61 he said that was the strongest one of all. Something negative what does he know. Did you know that we're about design of a final fantasy. Yeah I think that was pretty obvious well then then somebody else it are all. The way goes for the forefront rackets 336 just find the final fantasy logos. But we only have the two they also asked the Frog fractions that he was already. In development and told them it was good. Tell the line. Hey we're also really need to convince the podcast audience that it is as well. Be coming out like what June. Yeah now it's cool i mean by that development of fractions that you might. Have actually started. You had already come on guys it started. It's already we're well into production batches to use our yeah oh yeah oh yeah. It's around for attractions to is literally inside you right now is my. Favorite thing to tell people when they ask me that CD so i always have been. Saying the same thing. His functions throughout and I say maybe any of the games here might be frog. Branches -. In fact you may today unwittingly have held a piece of frog fractions to a . in. Mendota good. Good answer. I usually talk about that after I had my business card to come true. Yes. That the listeners are going to be so bad that in the GCC and get my business. Card. The interval clue that it contains or give me a sandwich I have yet to get a. Free sandwich will say the sandwich. Yeah well it's funny because you might have received the sandwich in June a. Good point. At press time i have yet to get a sandwich. March. Yes these will be higher than the Ides of March. No no less than 30 minutes middle of the month. 15 and he's really stupid jokes on Twitter. Thanks for the heads up great party on it also has a three minutes ago it's no. Longer the item or whatever it was also say patrick's day. Don't forget that. Price of greenness tomorrow. For you my clock right here my car is a little more. Yeah it's very interactive. No stay julie truster Clark must be trust my clock anyway st. Patrick's Day. Is a thursday. Ok. Actually finished it is tomorrow. If you want to speak legalistic Lee exclude airsure bed yet sadly that looks. That's all that. When there's brown like but like split hairs on the actual day that it is. Who cares what you like and you said someone had lunch tomorrow. Would you eat right there you mean thursday i would be thursday because. Tomorrow is Thursday said that you said to somebody after midnight hands have. Lunch tomorrow they think they meant the day so they were just like big. Assumption that is basted nothing. Based in human behavior expectations. I don't know anybody that you know me apparently allied you in . miles. Yes do you like not say good morning if you are say goodbye to somebody after. Midnight. You're the only one making. All right shape this is the east coast thing I would have done it when i was in. The East Coast is good but it was good living is insufferable nerd on the east. Coast but you weren't. I was ok honey you're not anymore right. Haha so I like to think haha i guess we all tell ourselves yourselves for better. In every way to get work done. I bought myself some breakfast I'm very proud of myself probably smart. Yeah nothing the ass cracking down tomorrow I bought myself a box of corn. Flakes. Good you can use our milk I don't drink milk. What do you put in the current legs them dry. Look at this already but the color because we have your father and I look. Like a baby. No you okay I was sitting you see black where there's a horrible alien breed of. A person is important because i like because i don't like milk because you. Eat the other screens when I don't eat cereal at all. What you buy it because I high Lee corn flakes as a snack but i will eat them. Outside of the breakfast time as you. Ok no no no eating like cornflakes like out of the box with your hands is way. More acceptable than putting them in a bowl living with this blue and dry. I can again no that's not a thing that i do think I don't usually fall I'll just. Like reach into the bag and grab a handful of the workplace as a snag like. You would do with like elements or whenever I know I would you know. I would do that your skin looks better suddenly like it's less hanging loose on. Your body good. Yeah pretty much sugar I don't ya at the cashier and target I don't know. Twitter I got me to mouth that s your daughter is like where. What you don't have any milk what's wrong with the cashier target was like I. See her by corn flakes. I personally prefer frosted flakes and he was trying to upsell you know like by. The same company they're headed the same way he was like so far. Yeah he was like yeah but by the monster flakes have sugar on them as like as it. Yeah I don't want sugar. He said yes but i like the sugar I said it was like trying to look like five. Years old to you by time i get tampons the chocolate and catchers like it. Hey I'm like actually know about of town visitors sort of street. No literally I had your abs you're having a good time. I used chocolate on the line for myself. Haha anyway I don't know what this I don't know what this cashier targets. Problem was but he clearly wanted me to pick a fight with him over frosted. Flakes vs corn flakes know the answer to that is like I do not prefer the sugar. That's why i said that he was like well I like you should look up dead in the. Eye and I got a head like I just say diabetes. What I said was yeah it's not healthy I just sort of bubble something that I. Walked away. People say like scooping motion to you dead in the eye and tell me you work. With multiple yeah i just i got diphtheria and then weren't really don't. Like half the sugar having that type 1a b dropsy. I have the papers I do actually have dropsy I haven't played again later it's. All good i like it. Really yeah it's also a wet cloud. Go. I don't get to get around wow there's a video game called dropsy drugs to the. Clown about a cloud and you go around giving people sweat sweaty hugs you just. Want to make you happy. Yeah but the you but everybody is horrified of him. This is a class every day. What are some other old timey diseases that don't exist anymore option and. Three miles into the high street from yesterday. I hate to tell you but can sometimes do exist I think we missed the exit. Yesterday mom today we're on the right pad. I bet you that you've had the consumption and don't even know it. It struck the road strep throat is really good. Yeah it is the same only are the same virus you go and you don't treat strep. Throat it turns into the virtuoso possible I don't believe you. Okay here's the thing that we could look up a rebound. John Reed let's hear it no no no everybody we get home. Justin's doing evening at home but now read and justin is doing a G C hot dog. Episode for real right now he is talking with maybe a little program. I know a high street and. Drink that much I got together. Yeah. Yesterday that we know are drugs and I thank you. Yeah. Doug chart for nuggets. Thank server like in a dungeon think i am like oh ok i'm slightly incorrect. Structure it turns into a dramatic of general speculated disease. Ok my strengths and weaknesses are not related at all. Ok but romantic fever in tuberculous to be related but a nice romantic dinners. And content article a Grammy amex is not a public school. What about what else what else is an old-timey disease. Dysentery said that one yeah. Small box got still exists. Really. And let the wild. Sure we celebrated its eradication but then like apparently only was a good one. Only always the one that follows. Well this is not an old-timey disease because it was around and people like. Are still alive that have not true i'm thinking of like what's the point is. That you could get all the oregon trail that keep you from your Terry. Yeah just Terry was the big one then right. I don't ya guys make a right make a right. Everything I dysentery feel so I do know a guy who have who big who sells these. Shirts that just say a meager rations grueling pace of them was pretty good. Yeah. You here to oregon or die trying it's talking about game French man i bet he. Did not even think about that particular reading of the shirt i think it has a. Dead cow on it baby. We are also about game dev brunch right that's the cow that type of your office. And we should be there. French beard hands so you can on your legs. Not that long though I will become real beer feeling okay so Jay called letting. The ad i want for short someone I would shave. Tired of artifice children but still in my elementary school. You also drive the bus take your time but it happened in the past. Alright so what time are we leaving tomorrow am EDM for your noon saying. That the 10. I was a 10 let's take don't want a leaves yeah i'm going to reach out to. Get now we're going to get an hour to have to park which end is the expo hall. Open 10. What are we going to do for two hours so we're gonna get there at nine thirty. Leaving our location and Justin you and I could take part. If you want to take part i will be offended. Could take it easy to like peace out early I don't want to leave. I thought we were leaving it like not i mean the kitchen today and it was in. Rush hour. I don't want to be late I might I might I might opt for the bark in that case. Because my plan might have my plans to do stuff with a with somebody yesterday. Have been moved to next week can you make it right here. It's fine don't know it's yes but it's too late now. Make sure you give me more sorry it's hard to see that street. Make sure you're right here make it right yes this is fine. Yeah my friend needs we'll figure out where I live. Ok my friend is currently in the middle of his finals and thus is not free to. Hang on to make a right that it had the name i won't say. Lighten up here I'm pretty good looking people can already work it out but. That's fine. I mean we showed is this it's a mystery road that we're not going to say . but. You're right here. Sure it's a catering. So I don't feel like there's a catering business here jim's house. It was more simply seconds now yet. Okay that's that's safe to know about where i live about the fruitvale and. Tacos everywhere. Tacos are perfect is it on my walk back from the bart I think I past 17. Different taco stones to have so yeah. Mark all right listeners. It's another thrilling episode of riders their riders. Thank you for riding along with us and only was this episode. This was can't see the thing. 21 minutes yeah we were the best. All right good night

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