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Oh, welcome to Trainhotdog, the uh, the podcast I record on "BART" (Bay Area Rapid Transit) on the way back from recording "Video Games Hotdog." This is episode one. So today I'm going to be talking about "Dorf." I'll be looking at "Dorf" on Wikipedia. (Unintelligible.) Dorf on golf- (Unitelligible.) Wikipedia page: Dorf... Alright, Dorf... Referred to... Oh man, it says who he is: Dorf is a fictional character portrayed by Tim Conway- but it does not have a Wikipedia entry for "Dorf." Well, I think I saw one for "Dorf on Golf," so that's going to have to do... "Dorf on Golf"... Okay... Oh man, look at that funny lookin' guy; he's got no shins. "No-shins Dorf." Starring Vincent Schiavelli. Oh, that's a lovely character actor. "Dorf on Golf" is a 1987 comedy film starring Tim Conway, Vincent Schiavelli and Michele Smith. The film is, um, is the first in a series of eight films- Eight!? Holy crap! So, there are eight of these movies... -released by Conway using the "Dorf" sporting theme. The film had a total cast of three. There are eight "Dorf" movies- there are eight "Dorf" sports movies? I'm looking this up right now. I, M, D, B (Spelling aloud the "International Movie Database.") Dorf. Dorg? Thanks. Dorg, Dorf. Steven Dorf. Clearly. "Dorf on Golf," direct to video, 1987. The first (unintelligible) -Tim Conway... Critic reviews... 8.6/10, that's pretty good. You can see all the photos. He looks like he's... Well, he is dead actually. He looks like he's dead, that's what matters. He is, and is... (unintelligible) -about as tall as a five year old is paid at some humorous. movement therapy. like when we started already. breakthroughs test. no go out or a always stands in reply fast however fear not for this. well for for around what time fly runners door screwless. have your home first caller door. went to her home run record you. usually after raid when he finds. firearms were for free and you get your numbers and colors down you're going to. be a real threat. purity looks like a real friends are gonna family might say that. go. for her. on a horse. to release her Russia. fixed state. fixing her hair yeah. Caroline. first time at all. a. pretty. a. very comprehensive yeah. work yeah. already. whatsoever. first. world. for. still. so way. for. for. way. yeah. the. career. for. st. way. Co. the. way. Co. for. girl. way. great. there. there. for. for. well. where. way. for. in. way. well. family. site. this. store. oh my. you not an actor a hair over her. there. tomorrow. use different an early like. this. go. time. like 5. six. great. trade. you too great. free markets become easily girls. I. here we go. final. for. well over here in the morning well right here with for me when you're in a hurry. theorize so I. after hearing our don't work hard I'm running. what over girl. goodies. for foresters his. school cheerleaders sustain itself. family history video search her from the trial here. 2009 class is over for and then they retirement party that every grain per. phone call. faster for for a reply or. for now down a lot further 10,000 hours for. sniper remorse for a crime here. I'm for fun of. for and the trial Tea Party. Gophers on trial for the crime of the century in World Golf. the golf pro the same through. three. first for you taiwan I was review. rural 2011. interferometer same day. I. got hired this guy for one day. sold. you. for your words. for overseeing people. or must work out the issues for. be by his sarcastic him. both sarcastic and. I. this this your for generations. download. to it. school. you. went to. from this way. mystery. same play Santa Claus 10 percent of them. guy someone else's carry for bettman doesn't work. her from a dime interfere with the last ninety there. or her first person. surfers are missing personal Bible her from the first game. first. fun call. got a river pretty quickly for. funny thing about that is. you the. you don't even need russian chick because just can be sitting in the car. the whole time so it's really just. movie about Tim Conway going on. racing for overseeing may be funny things. world famous European race car driver do so door. far. for yeah sold or comes to America to take. on his greatest challenge challenged our. I get it okay sir challenge stockings hyphenated but it's supposed to be the. em dash my life from that separates. for separates two ideas to take on its greatest challenge. stock car racing in the Indy 500 however. to work with his usual skills soon turns the reason to a shambles. southborough stock car racing on a two-year. crime days. days first name re:. is really just you if they get it. undersea offer. two identical figures 10. missile or. very driving home. Tim Conway's sure good okay exactly what it says. came Conway is were goes on a racially. yeah you know rhetoric I read that right. for a second but OK at there's a second and a corporal. there's probably some difference in like. the program hurting for ordering that's my guess. workers fishing. properly praise to our am a caveman. you the first time. others had so many cast members got like six cool. there's a review as for goes goes. pursuing is on the lower end of the series tapes. be a beer your crystal funny. goes fishing. care that really need like punctuation and capitalization. like under. with him goes fishing. the skits which make up the search just don't add up to 45 minutes upon. more like maybe 4.5 at a and presumably. pretty mean sure seem to work with the caveman. big fish flapping around or even more. who are pushing your running a highly downright. I hate smile nicely with modern technology mind robber. here I'm currently lost in translation new generation met Premier Inn room. after rain after traveling through a workout. ever curious in the morning of june commercial art lovers already. pretty much three I P prom order a weight on this time I'll. or gone wild he only for equity. 3 arrives foreign lands while 3. how quickly my gear this review from you our ratings. firmly sporadically funny door it. Soho. light micrograph 2000. like the word I here for premium timely with. autocorrect doing but like sporadically. spoke with him he is that it would be that is definitely not the surfing. not this whispers in type an opponent with getting area's favorite 2002. definitely not even for cabin. where fishing is they are merely K. d journalist was late and curator and after much reading. three you know whiskers probably right I gave this. okay here's another barren genitals. process it's probably a funny joke know everybody features featured and other. campers reason. exterior door first you know where you're going to see. both are probably right. going to see a movie is exactly the kind of you. toe. you. gonna score. lol. I. I. yes I am. for. my skin. this I. cool. cool. way. on. way. then. surgery. that. is hours. likes it. this. I. sound. class warfare. but he did awesome power psycho. yeah. body. surprising. great I. party. I. there. on. comment. 0. I. the. the. the. I. rate. fire. the cursor feel. it is in line with this I was gonna say lets women who. from around here so I could help me. you must be a sign in now. we're signing. cool well. people. make do with the definition of land. word. the slam on. fishes. way. on. hard for her. for yes getting drunk during the workday with principles on our algorithm yes. through them. means I. in

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