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Welcome to Train Hot Dog: the podcast where I talk to myself on a train. Today we are going to be searching for an animated .GIF that I’ve heard tell of of someone falling into a pool. It’s in black and white, it’s (unintelligible), it’s (unintelligible), I’m trying to find that animated .GIF and find its origin.

But first, Rider Mail. This Rider Mail comes from Yerrik. It says “First, and possibly last!”. Thank you Yerrik! And we have one from, this is from Rider Mail, in the 678 area code. I don’t know where 678 is. I-I knew- you guys front-loaded all the Rider Mails with the area codes that I knew, and I was like “Oh, I know that one!”, and now you’re giving me the hard ones that I don’t know. And this writer says: “Hello, this is Rider Mail. I’m just calling because I saw the episode transcription for Night Coordinate Court isn’t feeling very good and I hope that the up sode transcript feels better soon.”. I hope so too, Rider Mail. I uh, I-I don’t know, it’s just a general malaise I guess um, I’m really hoping it gets fixed right up. Alright, so this animated .GIF. (in Google tone of voice) Animated .GIF falling into pool. Alright. [2 train beep tones] Here’s one of a dog that’s like, trying to drink water from a hose and then falls into a pool. I guess that’s funny. Here’s one of like a dude leaning over a pool and falling into a pool. Here’s one of a dog holding a bucket. It’s not animated, so that’s frustrating. Here’s one of like a-a toddler trying to step onto the first step of the steps and it just falls right into pool cause there’s no stairs there. Alright, none of these are black and white, so I’m gonna add that to the search. Alright. Here’s one of um, of-of a woman in what looks like 8mm film jumping off a cliff. There’s no pool here. [1 train beep] This is one of someone holding their hand in front of a light source, is not animated. Here’s one of someone swimming underwater. Here’s one of someone taking a drink and falling backwards into a pool on purpose. [Bizarre voice, might be reversed?] Here’s one of like, a police officer maybe threatening to hit someone. Here’s one of a an SUV crashing into a snowbank-oh no wait that’s not a snowbank, it’s crashing into a pool. That’s apropos. Here’s one of people standing in the ocean. Alright, I need to look for-this is not working, I need to look for um, like people talking about .GIFs so we can find them. Oh man, it’s impossible to find-oh here’s one. “Funny Bugs or Glitches: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” Had an execution or finisher in slow-mo, he was-oh here’s an ad. Here’s an ad for United Healthcare I wonder how you get into () healthcare system rock band playing that’s what I think of when I think of healthcare. Where he was supposed to chop the head on/off a human body well thought he was falling toward/forward on his knees what actually happened was the head fell on the spot but the rest of the body was propelled in the air for like 40 meters when the baseball-like motion of Geralt’s sword hit him. I was wondering if any of you got any other fun unintended things happening in a game to tell. I was unable to save and lost more than an hour of playtime, that was funny. That is pretty funny, isomeri! After chasing down a man on [horseback, but recording clipped here] as part of a sidequest, a dialogue scene initiated in the middle of the road. The man’s horse must have felt it had something to add to the conversation; it positioned its head directly between Geralt and its owner during a rather tense exchange, like a kid or a dog who feels left out and is interjecting for attention. That’s pretty good. On PC version with most settings on ultra I’ve run into a bunch of weird glitches with only one being game breaking. Game froze when I pressed both triggers on inventory screen. Geralt goes crazy ragdoll every time he’s killed. Can’t craft more bombs even if you’re at zero zero bombs. Only way to make more was to drop the empty bomb item. When on PC version you get weird pop up boxes saying your controller is recognized even though it’s been there. Okay, this is getting progressively less funny. Had a hard crash on the PS4, corrupted save file and all. Good thing it happened right as the tutorial started. If you dodge-roll when it happens you get some pretty good air. Also I’ve had him finishing his swing when he’s not dying instead of ragdoll he just stands there not moving. Other than having my horse clip through some stuff nothing too spectacular yet.

Music videos- [unintelligible] the music videos section of TV Tropes.

Quote: “I also happen to be one who never really understood the universal appeal of Thriller. Sure, it’s a great album and it’s a great video, but it’s so disturbing! Look at him! He’s scarier than anything I’ve ever seen in a horror movie! And what’s even more frightening is that the world embraces this so much!” –James Rolfe’s tribute to Michael Jackson

Sometimes they want to scare you with not only the music but the video attached to it. Here’s a list of Nightmare Fuel music videos! Oh god, TV Tropes has way too many examples now. Yeah, no, this is like, this is like anybody who thinks of anything remotely related to a trope will just add it to the list and the result is that you have to read through 90% drek to get to the good stuff. Um, I have to, that means I need to read 9 of these video descriptions to get 1 good one. Assume/lets see if my percentage is correct there.

Alright, here’s one, just reading it, I’m just reading it at random. Cranberries: “Salvation”: Hey, look! A Monster Clown who’s obviously Pinhead’s cousin, with syringes instead of fingers! Totally family-friendly! (It doesn’t [skip] that the song is one of the Cranberries’ most punky and upbeat.)

Miley Cyrus: Sweet young Miley does what she can to break out from her Disney persona with her song, “We Can’t Stop”. While it’s clear that she’s trying to act more adult, that doesn’t stop the video from having some downright bizarre imagery: A skull made out of french fries, a creepy CGI head with white skin and black eyes, Miley making out with a giant naked Barbie doll, and worst of all, a girl cutting off her fingers with a pinkish substance gushing out in place of blood...

Eminem: “3AM” is a situation where Eminem pretty much tops himself. Well that’s a good description…

Crispin Glover: His bizarre spoken word Clowny Clown Clown. This probably shouldn't be this way, but let's give Glover the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is aware that his stream of consciousness is warped and creepy.

Guns N’ Roses: “Don’t Cry” has a pretty disturbing video.

Alright, I need to find [unintelligible], let’s go back to finding animated gif falling into pool black and white, perfect loop. Alright, I’m just going to like describe the images here, the animated parts. Here’s one of like, a woman holding a flower, here’s one of like Laurel & Hardy talking at each other, here’s one of like, a woman swimming, here’s one of a cat swimming, here’s one of Morgan Freeman, oh I just clicked on Morgan Freeman and he’s doing a head-bobbing thing. Here’s one of someone’s ass. Here’s one that just says “You”, I bet if I clicked it on it would just be you something. [Full light, pool light??] splash, perfect loop. We’ll leave out animated gif and maybe adding perfect loop will just find it by itself. Alright, these are all images of like, rivers. Indoor pool, quote indoor pool quote perfect loop. Images. Okay, these are like shots of the outside of an indoor pool. Alright, [train beep] splash gif indoor pool. Okay, here’s a bunch of stationery shots of indoor pools, I figured gif would fix that, but no. These are nice pools though; I want to go swimming in all of these. Splash gif[unintelligible, too quiet] indoor pool. Here’s like a drawing of a girl and a duck in a, um kiddie pool, one of those inflatable pools. Here’s like people dancing in a pool. SPASA training. If I put black and white in quotes will it take me seriously then? Nope. Here’s like architectural plans for presumably for an indoor pool. Okay, what if I remove gif [unintelligible] animated. Here’s one of like, here’s a shutter-just a like grain texture, that’s pretty good. Splash animated black and white. Aaand it’s not animated, it is a splash though. That one was some water splashing at rocks. It’s just like a straight across shot of a grain texture again. Here’s like a-oh it is a splash, but it’s not animated. Here’s like a bunch of sharks. [Suspicious sounding distorted train announcement sounds slowed down in background; quite faint male voice] Here’s like a hermit crab, here’s like an earnest boy looking at me, here’s one of a color umbrella, black and white fridge, here’s an ink spot. [unintelligible] about ink spots. Spots.

The Ink Spots. The Ink-[skip], who gained international fame in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Their unique musical style led to the rhythm and blues and rock and roll musical genres, and the subgenre doo-wop. The Ink Spots were widely accepted in [strange sound, almost like a chair being dragged] both the white and black communities, largely due to the ballad style introduced to the group by lead singer Bill Kenny. In 1989, The Ink Spots were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and in 1999 they were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. Since the Ink Spots disbanded in 1954, there have been well over 100 vocal groups calling themselves “The Ink Spots” without any right to the name, and without and original members of the group. These groups have often claimed to be “2nd generation” or “3rd generation” Ink Spots. The Ink Spots formed in the early 1930’s in Indianapolis. The founding members were: Orville “Hoppy” Jones sang bass. He played cello in the manner of a stand up bass. Ivory “Deek” Watson sang tenor and played tenor guitar. Jerry Daniels sang tenor and played guitar and ukulele. Charlie Fuqua had a baritone voice and played guitar, and these people are all dead. As “Jerry and Charlie”, Jerry Daniels and Charlie Fuqua had formed a vocal duo performing in the Indianapolis area around 1931. About the same time, Jones and Watson were part of a quartet, "The Four Riff Brothers", who appeared regularly on radio station WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio. [Train announcement, this time a female voice] In 1933, that group disbanded, and Watson, Daniels and Fuqua got together to form a new vocal, instrumental and comedy group, which was initially called "King, Jack, and Jester". [Train beep] They continued to appear regularly on radio in Ohio, and became a foursome when Jones was added to the group the following year. In July 1934 they accepted a booking at the Apollo Theater, New York, supporting Tiny Bradshaw. At this point they had changed their name to "The 4 Ink Spots". Later in 1934, the Ink Spots achieved international success touring the UK with Jack Hylton's Orchestra, one review in the Melody Maker stating: “The sensation of the programme is the coloured quartette, the Four Ink Spots. They sing in a style something between the Mills Brothers and the Three Keys, and accompany themselves on three tenor guitars and a cello — which is not bowed, but picked and slapped like a double bass. Their natural instinct for hot rhythm is exemplified in their terrific single-string solo work and their beautifully balanced and exquisitely phrased vocalisms. They exploit all kinds of rhythmic vocalisms — straight solos, concerted, scat, and instrumental imitations. They even throw in a bit of dancing to conclude their act, and the leading guitarist simultaneously plays and juggles with his instrument.” - Melody Maker. They first recorded for Victor Records in 1935, but although the group was growing rapidly in popularity their early record releases were not commercially successful. Their first recordings included songs such as "Swingin' On The Strings", "Your Feet's Too Big", "Don't 'Low No Swingin' In Here" and "Swing, Gate, Swing". Bill Kenny joins. In 1936, Jerry Daniels was replaced by a young singer from Baltimore named Bill Kenny. Kenny signed with the Ink Spots after winning 1st place in an amateur contest at Harlem's Savoy Ballroom. Three years later Kenny would be credited for bringing the group to global success with his unusual high tenor ballad singing. In 1938, after being in the group for two years, Bill Kenny started to introduce the group to a new format that he called "Top & Bottom". This format was used primarily for ballads rather than the uptempo "jive" songs the group was used to performing. This format called for the tenor (Bill Kenny or Deek Watson) to sing the lead for one chorus followed by a chorus performed by Bass singer Hoppy Jones where he would recite the lyrics rather than sing them. After a chorus of the "talking bass" the lead tenor would carry out the rest of the song until the end. The earliest example of their "Top & Bottom" format is from a radio broadcast from 1938. The song entitled "Tune In on My Heart" features Bill Kenny taking the lead and Hoppy Jones performing the talking bass.

I remember listening to Ink Spots music and really hating those talking parts and thinking they were really dumb and that they wouldn’t do that, so thanks Bill Kenny.

The year 1938 also saw Bill Kenny taking his first feature solo in Decca studios. His feature was on a song entitled "I Wish You the Best of Everything". Although it wasn't in the "Top & Bottom" format it was a ballad and did use the signature Ink Spots guitar intro. Even though this record did get a good response it wasn't very successful in terms of record sales and didn't reach the pop charts. “If I Didn’t Care” and the late 1930s. On January 12, 1939, the Ink Spots entered Decca studios to record a ballad written by a young songwriter- oh, here we are. [Muttering to self], you know how it goes. Anyway, I’ll talk to you guys next week.

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