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Please boorda upstairs today we're going to be talking about license plates that. Say that or stores are they doing so while ago and didn't know it was clear. Doors down closing their doors down. Sureste writer mail. Barter their own border 0. This is the final Stanford Cisco stuff. 510 ok nevermind I can't find the Red Army mil that I thought I remember. Barbour's there is help for three to four in the morning we've tried other. Car doors closed or 34211 sorry about the bad trade there's no real players. Wait on the platform K. Others they play that helped raise income. Ok does the California license plate that through the door. Answers rate tickets this morning while driving to school I was sharing the rate. Of about five to eight cars all the same model except for a way following all the. Black cars and occurs there were some guys in suits and the guys wearing. Bulletproof vests and these cars were scattered out like it was a coincidence. Or anything. Her stay the same order and when the first car got ahead they're asked to get. Back into formation. A weirdo. Just getting serious. Answer those belongs to a new vehicle distributor probably going to show some. Impressive so here's a link to the DMV don't see it go and at least hold on. Occupational plates he links as the URL says. Toe River Health District Avery Mitchell Yancey County. Single handle kitchen for us. Time changes in the year 2016 for Armenia. PST not observed year 2016. States. Search. Running shoes her transmigration has amazing designs that count. Special legislation this place Los Angeles Pierce College. Airplane. Redistributed. Bunch of factory get together in a party can smell the bullshit. This case the factory. Sales managers. But he hasn't had. Supporting enforcers automotive. Using your Facebook. This case the fingering myself and the field sales. Mariette. And California. Talk turned away. 800 dealerships. Either take more greenhill souls. And CSI upset it screwed his daughter. Sure you. Shortly thereafter the conversation turned. Import cargo operations. Distributor it's that displayed players DST. Next time I got pulled over for speeding in the contest could be used to make. Sure your district attorney and a shirt. Letter of intent there for a ticket vending texting myself. Three. Once water. And the sales marketing division. Sorta treated better. Genetic. It's not at all. Corruption. The actions of guilty. Chose to blows. Coincidence and his character was given an opportunity. Agency it there. Tell us. Chance. Previously been found in Texas. Worst. Christmas holidays. Know seems like a whirlwind. As a player. 1,400 miles. The car. 205 speed. Stylist a pleasure to its rear. It's been a week visiting old friends which test. Shows the northern route to go home. Texas-pan. The street going somewhere like. Likes. Those texts Panhandle. Pick up. Where he Santa Rosa New Mexico. This is like a long shaggy dog story yourself along with me this area I'm. Sorry I'm not anything this out the episode that afternoon I was cruising. Through dislike Clovis Clovis is a good name clovis new mexico very attentive. Driver was tired and likely be new model and changes we're saying early warning. Signs of wear and when not to speed it was a holiday here one horse town there. Was no traffic in front of me to block radar early to late sidelines over. Rising from the 15 miles per hour over the limit it was parked on the right. Shoulder clovis. Officer. He was only turning on his radar gun only saw the vehicle rather than being. Lazy. Is that is behind us by only three minutes it was a strapping in the former. Lineman for the local high school football team and was not happy to be. Working in New Years Eve working his first FNG shift I could not engage him. In conversation any chance of getting a warning sir he took my license and. Registration vectors cruiser generation of it and the issues in this city has. Everything about that and I wanted to say I don't want to appear like I'm. Guilty here what do you mean who are you. That's a district attorney played a mediator los angeles county he stared at. Me for what seemed like 30 seconds and smile for the first time that's great. And they don't believe the number of threads running around the state I. Stopped and the first thing they say is I'm a cop shop. That means they have immunity or something then proceeded to regale you. With stories of pulling over the mayors of neighboring towns started the grill. Me and asked me how many days do you have a look at it later. Actual number was closer to 930 talked about criminals and the reason Rodney. King riots in LA clearly she was still holding the registration of showing the. Cord blood America. Los angeles county circuit television perjury charges in New Years Eve in jail. In New Mexico that's phuckin a standards I was scared to death this is not as. Much fun as parents mariette just lied to and Elio for the first time in my. Life. Elio that means police officer that's why that's why it's a Leo something very. Nearly back here again said he would would my ticket for being so. Understanding and told me to slow it down as they pulled away and they. Realize they need to go to New Mexico pronto and he's bad leadership and. Shifting he tells his guards his mouth La Canadienne they crack up the. Registration Ricky what if there was an APB issues green Honda California. License plate number DST 3421 it's all DST 3421 every single one of these. After you get pumped for speeding you typically drive away the speed limit and. Resume speed I crawled the remaining 25 miles west New Mexico at the speed limit. On high alert for police helicopters and roadblocks it was certainly agriculture. Check station at the new mexico there's a lot more patrol cars waiting for me. And the final scenes of Blues Brothers movie but I would be found at his home. Free 1130 at the Holiday Inn Holbrook Arizona where to celebrate the New Years. You drinking with local American Legion Hall on the street at literally part in. The cowboys and Indians that night and I send to a long day later down the side. Shows the southern Riverina mexico's stock speed limit Texas State Line never. Looked so good. So it's all 3421 le. Law enforcement officer makes sense. During their search DST license plate. What does. Auto manufacturer regional offices used those with they need the. St stand for a license plate charge I dot com means distributor it will also. Be mister what is DSD another same thing same question on charges are commonly. Page what is DST a car license plate in california indicate the St or daylight. Savings time it's for the blessing and a curse say it seems real reliable service. To make the day go longer daylight savings by setting clocks forward one. Hour wow good to know. Dismantle ur DSM as well. Officer dot com. Police officers I guess. Asks making a traffic study we don't listen space stars etc is not in DTC yet. License plates how's your two terms dispatch center handle these things. User hate criminals this page 8 criminals. In the good old USofA able to be questioned and you must be confused and. About 30 other states the answer is quite simple the consumer is this. Stars proceed with the Nexus our hearts and HTC star and a chess at the idea. Actually I'm kidding the Turks are considered personalized using only. Letters and shapes letters and numbers no shape a heart you. As a personalized I know you. Know some some know some states. Anywhere else California seen those plants same thing. Thanks and credits. Deal includes. Either place. Short. 2005 P how would you rate the DNA. PCs day 1236 rights has always been a pet peeve of mine here. Styles. Business travel. BTW but I usually wind up calling it is this patch is a special code they used. To renovate he played some of the units will play as much problem in our state. Plates are playing a pain. The smaller is better I rented out of state plate my pet peeve is the MTG. Responses some states have previously experienced these bearish the name and. Address the one kick-ass uniform format for any responses spent in its right to. Decode the readout. DKT rates. Texas has about the same number plates and it can be a real pain response three. Response is there's three very cool lines in this word I might be an ill be. Easily maybe three plastic palaces hope for the best but expect the worst jack. All the different formats but different colors of the same states and the states. Like Arizona in some years later this year as a Rona heroes actually going. Into the state when I did I was issued one delivery vehicle but. When played a big orange california or and I. Rates when I worked there are guaranteed a traffic stop whatever happens does. Don't standardized anything I make it too easy for crops happiness is a warm. Puppy Charlie Brown Snoopy 61 retired shift this year there is no longer. Active. Occasion Florida USA for allegedly leads the nation in the US to go to Florida. Play ITA criminals usually the text to read if they're Tuesday as top to bottom. Then left to read it let me tell you that way there's a you over s than 120. Fiery did you want to be revived by the way I just applied for a personalized. Plates are a jeep no do not want it and I it was insulting to cops until issue. At the moment was one and they thought it was funny. Also have you applied for a country that has potentially ality yet. Here's some image search results delta sigma theta Delta Sigma Theta license. Plate Brooklyn 11 a chapter delta delta sigma theta auto delta sigma theta. License not what I'm looking for. Well that's enough I'd like to hear next week

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