[This episode transcript is more like a synopsis]

Jim looks for "buff cats" on the internet only to learn that buff is a color. Determined in his quest for swol kitties he continues and learns about the substance Synthol, which bodybuilders use/inject on skin that is not muscular but would like it to appear so. Many nasty side effects to Synthol, but maybe good for cats, since they cannot do crossfit? 

After losing himself in a sea of adorable cat pictures, Jim returns to reality and tries to click a link on Google to a Meme Generator page, but it will not load. 

"mobile friendly new password type (began? begin?), close, Grumpy Cat synthol can be deadly good (zero?) Grumpy Cat recaption this image! Still not loading...aaaaand here we are at the end, you'll never know what that link says. I'll see you next week." 

This would seem to be the page Jim was trying to view.  

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