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Prove it noelski.

Three forty-one in the military.

Welcome to train hotdog, a podcast where I talk to myself on a train. Today we're going to be talking about butt rock and finding out if there are other butt forms of music.

But first, rider mail.

Hmm, this rider mail doesn't have a transcript. But, it does have a voice message.

Oh here we go, here's one with a transcript. This uh rider is calling from the 510 area code which is the bay area. This rider says "Hey Jim, this is Eric. A couple of weeks ago you got a call from the space coast thanking you and looking for his cell phone that his wife left. I wanted to know if you found it or if you need help finding it how I could help you. Okay, thanks, bye."

I never found the phone, it's still out there in the aether somewhere. We may never know where this guy's phone is, where is wife's phone is. But, uh, thankyou Eric, tell you what if you can help me by leaving me another ridermail if you find it and tell me where to leave the money and I'll pass it on. I could just call that guy's number that guy on the Space Coast, I could say hey call him hey what's up I'm live on the air. Oh I guess it's like 1am right now over there maybe I shouldn't do that.

Okay, let's find out about butt rock!

[knocking sounds]

Urban dictionary: "A rock you sit on. A rock that looks like a butt. Profit."

Let's see if there's other definitions. "Bob 1: I'm going to go sit on my butt rock. Bob 2: What is wrong with you?"

"Butt rock - a term identify band trademark with cheap unoriginal song lyrics the vocalist hiding his rock and roll by producing a deep and raspy voice, a term to identify any song from [uninteg] rock bodies. A term to identify anything abstract can agree is distasteful or obscene or overtly offensive."

"Butt rock - a popular term referring to a subgenre of turd rock strongly influenced by post-grunge and nu-metal. Originating in the late mid-nighties butt rock is comprised of raspy vocals similar to Perl Jam, Creed or Nirvana but by radio fended guitarist, drum beats and basic baselines. Generally found on CBS owned radio stations across the midwest. Butt rock is overly commercialized processed music that lacks any vision or creativity butt rock generally targets the demographic of bluecollar works aged 18-45 who drink cheap lite beer." This guy really has it in for butt rock.

Top 10 butt rock bands, Huston Press.

"A derogatory term for any hard rock music, the term comes from nation wide outrising campaign on hard rock radio stations tagline 'nothing but rock' this here, change that to 'nothing butt rock'. It refers to anything played on hard rock stations. It is currently used to refer to hair bands or used by people who distinguish bad hard rock from hard rock that they like. For example 'he sat around stoned all day listening to butt rock all day on the wild hair'. Butt rock is like the musical sta- this guy really hates butt rock. There's nothing wrong with butt rock. Maybe there is, maybe I don't know what butt rock is.

Oh newsletter popup, oh man, no, don't sign me up for newsletters!

"Here we have a dead man. These dudes were signed by Nickelback the reigning butt rock band always and forever, which was an early indicator of their similar style. Then they release songs like 'Bad Girlfriend' and 'Lowlife' then that was pretty much the end of the story. Truth is we don't mind TODAM though, they're way better than the other contenders in this area like Hinder, Hinder is terrible." Yeah, good, they're better than that other band so they're better. "Three Days Grace. Three Days Grace's greatest breakout song is I don't know anything about you which basically goes just like it sounds. Next see why didn't I see again to play a 3DG a very good contender for top butt rock spot. Bottle of Mud - She hates me. Bottle of Mud is the butt track is everything that is great and awful about butt rock all rolled into one. One west scat was sung too. You should know that Chuck Dirsty is kind of everything douche rocks spider scan. Like Chivel. Chivel would browse the clicking tunes like saying thing hello which when first starting out accidentally signed with the Christian label Word which was accidentally hilarious."

Okay this is not interesting. Alright, let's try other butt genres.

Butt. Butt hip hop.

Butt big butt hip hop.

Bubble butt hip hop.

Shake your butt hip hop.

Big butt hip hop intro.

Big butt hip hop models.

Never gonna eat the butt hip hop.

Butt hip this is not what I asked for at all.

Hip hop teams.

Kick butt hip hop dance teams.

Okay. Okay.

Butt rap.

Sexy butt rap.

Butt rap by Ethan.

Here is a thing, so there's a butt rap, I'll watch that video later.

Dunkey's butt rap.

Big fly my butt rap.

Either an alien or sexy life pants best big butt rap female.

Stanking big butt battle meme.

Vs fat butt rap.

We need to talk about butt rap.

Here we go, finally, finally, hip hop is finally officially snip oh we've got an ad, we got a popup ad for part beauty, part beast, the all new 2016 age RV crossover, why don't I not look at that ever? X X the video is autoplaying X X X it's not acknowledging the X there we go, that cost me like 2% battery life.

"Hip hop has finally officially snapped the throne from rock to become America's greatest most popular music genre and it's been thrilling to watch. Rap is absolutely moving the chart and cultural influence style and sonic innovation. The genre's growth and evolution in the last five years has been staggering. For God's sake, we live in a world where Young Thug the egoist in chance the rapper exists. Alas when the tide rises a bunch of trash gets swept up and floats to the top. Rock fans know the trend all too well, in the wake of Grunge hundreds of testosterone-fueled soul patch bee piggy-backed their way to the summit and into an entire category of lowest-common-denominator boat as butt-rock. Everyone from Shine Down to Imagine Dragons cashed in on mainstream's hunger for riffs by churning out simplistic generic faux-aggro schlock and now with it's ascension to the top, hip hop is threatened by the same toxic combination. And so we need to talk about Butt Rap. Hip hops butt counterpart has nothing to do with free rapper butts, although they're not mutually exclusive. What we talk about when we talk about [MYSTERIOUS ROBOTIC VOICE SAYING SOMETHING LIKE "CRAPPY"] is thunderous building of unexciting beats that came to butt rock's rise on medial power coefficients, as well as lack-luster lyricism and steadfast commitment to depreciate 47 themes. The butt rap cannon makes sense for years, but Lex Luther, Young Chop and Rick Ross are good reference points for it's drop by numbers iteration dick swinging rounds rolled over write it out right away spectral harm with the organs struggling electronics. Basically the entire creator parodied here:" another video link that I can't look at right now.

"It's time to call butt rap with all the hulking beats like so many giants at the wall in Game of Thrones here are 30 butt rap tracks" I'm not reading all 30 of these.

"Rick Ross Featuring styles P BMF"

"Ms Califa Bidem Boys"

Okay. Let's read a comment.

"Much of the butt rap canon is celebrated since it's still a relatively new phenomenon to creative decades which sex starved ramen nom chimas been putting out journey like electric guitars. Remember Nickelback was respected at first, that's why BMF is seen as one of the most important songs of Rose's career and also one of the purest butt rap songs ever made."

Ummm, okay. Let's look for other butt genres.

Butt... Country...

Butt Country 3: Butt World - The latest addition to the Butt Country trilogy by esteemed director...okay.

Butt Country 2: Return to Ass Mountain - Transworld Skateboarding.

Butt Country 2: Return to Ass Mountain - Thrasher Skateboard Magazine.

Butt Country 2 - Calories in Fort Fresh Boston Butt Country Style Ribs My Fitness File

Butt Country Youtube

Urban Dictionary Author Butt Country. Oh, it's the name of the author, not an entry called Author Butt Country. Okay, yeah, Butt Country defined basic bitches, basic burk, butt burk, butt burka, butt burka is slang for Middle Eastern granny panties. Wow. If that's a thing that's a pretty good word for it. Snizzlefish, term for an electric eel. "Yo dawg, check out that snizzlefish." good job Butt Country.

Butt Country 2: Return to Ass Mountain.

Pretty much everything butt country.

Nothing butt country decorative signs. Really, is that decorative sign says nothing butt country? Oh yeah there's a sign that says that and there's a woman's butt on it.

Nothing Butt Country music shop. Music garage shop. Vintage.

Alright... Butt Techno.

Butt Techno live.

Butt Techno discography.

Butt Techno live at Concavo. Apparently there's just a band called Butt Techno.

Butt Techno favorites.

Butt Techno free listening videos concerts.

Battery drain in vicious C get off your butt techno hop.

Butt Techno MP3 demos.

Butt Techno on Pintrest. Let's see what Butt Techno has discovered on Pintrest. Pintrest works best if you switch to our Android Friendly app. No thankyou. Continue in browser. Now here's a picture of a guy swinging a cape. Okay. Maybe that would have been a better picture if I'd got the Android app.

Butt Techno powered by

Trap electro house music base grime butt techno

DJ Laz's stick out your butt sample of techno groove plus techno.

James Alec Andrew Dark Force.

Sick Rick Dog mek down black pimp.

Okay, I'm searching now for Butt... Disco.

Elastic Bear - Butt Disco, that's a video.

Disco Butt Beat.

Cute Kitty Blonde Chicks or Butt Disco Style

Butt Disco by Domestic Bear Band okay that's a song name.

Finger Butt Disco Techno Dick Jubby Fuck

I'm just going to read that again because

Finger Butt Disco Techno Dick Jubby Fuck

Um. That's Finger Space Butt Space Disco Dash Technodick Space Pipe Space Jubbyfuk F U K. Um. That's a song I guess.

Butt Disco T-Shirts on Spreadshirt.

Butt Disco T-Shirts will do the talking for you. Fine fresh Butt Disco designs created by independent artists.

Cameron James on Twitter: CBD stands for Central Butt Disco. Girl Dancing Czech Girl Booma Yee Sexy Butt Disco Funny. Those are all hashtags.

Okay, let's try somthing else. Butt Grriiiinnnddddcooorreee.

Extreme. Okay [laughter].

Anal penetration.

Anal whore spit.

Extreme scat in butt.

Grindcore farforview.

Grindcore cum for... am I misinterpreting this? Is grindcore not a... is this not like a genre of music? I could be like. Maybe I saw this while searching for porn. I'm just going to search for. [background voice saying 'whatever it is on the other butt']. Grindcore is an extreme genre of music, originated in the early to mid 1980s. Okay good, it is a music. So I'm not just, results being porn results was not my fault at all.

Butt... shoe... gazer...

No results found for butt shoegazer. The official shoegaze thread. Maybe it's a shoegaze.

Butt shoegaze.

On my stoop bong want a butt shoegaze to join our frat party. GTA SA hitler skin download I go maniac.

Butt folk.

Bustin' butt folk freak freakin' naked watching.


Butt folk music.

Assbutt folk lyricist [cruel laughter]... okay.

Contact Assbutt. That's his name.

Lyricist. Skills. He's an other player, teacher, guitar player, keyboard player, mandolin player. Genres: Folk Rock, Other. Male. Buttson, Indiana.

I don't think that guy's from Indiana.

Top albums tagged as Butt Folk Music at Bustin butt folk freak freakin' freakin' naked watching porn videos. I didn't make that up. Like that's happened again. Is it like a search term that people have made?

Legend superstition and the sea of sailors on all lands. The churbop takes it's name from northern diety Thor. Thor's butt. Folklore stories yeah Thor's butt. Poster this is period folk-lore.

And is in the story cellar Danus Janus Butt, folk tales for children and adults.

Songs tagged butt folk on hype machine the hype machine.

Steve Welk - Kelsie Butt. Oh listen to this reddit.

Giants on my shoulders, Gandalf's story on the greatest upset.

When she looked like courting some boy head smooth like a big butt. Probably know how often to use it too, probably stick.

"Is mumford and sons the nickelback of folk? It's on gamefaqs."

Gamefaqs, this is a split board, you can return to the split, return to the board.

Music rock.

Oh, got a popup ad for Mafia 3. Or should I say Butt Folk.

"Man, the lumoneers are a lot worse.

Yes, I actually made that comparison in a conversation recently. I guess the Sons are not perfectly.." this is such an erudite conversation.

"This though, I like Nickelback and don't mind Mumford and Sons, so I guess I have a different perspective to most of you. Can't stand the Lumoneers though."

"Nah, the Lumoneers are a lot worse."

"I don't think I'll understand why the internet hates Mumfords and Sons. The best answer I've heard is they suck and all their songs sound the same but that's still a pretty horrible answer. Yeah, their lyrics aren't the best and the bands they've played with don't seem to have known what the band their parts are supposed to sound like, but they're much better than other most mainstream acts."

"Comparing them to other mainstream acts is setting the bar really low."

"That's an insult to Nickelback."

"Times two."

"Mumford and Sons is a fine band. Listen to After the Storm" and there's a video link.

Front Butt Folk Punk. "You find yourself not wanting to like your sexuality or gender that's totally okay. You can be like a UFO supercool and ellipsis. Nor mermaid with brown hair and heart butt full heart painting."

"Found wood in art direct from the artist, folk art."

"Electronic Butt Folk genre #first"

"Butt what in the butt folk punk. If you find yourself not wanting to label."

"Band in a butt."

Okay, we're here. I gotta stop. Um. Talk to you next week.


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