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Welcome to train hot dog let's talk to myself on a train really fast. Best-trained hot dog lets you looking at lances a delicious dessert. Lynn's come on I need to do this real quick. Blonds. Cleaning. Linn or. Clinches it. Ultimately Lex 11 a.m. and just nuts Pelini is plural of plants is that right. Just crazy. Is a type of Blaney. Lynn normal in check for Blinn chicky Pelini is a type of fish. Like 11 engage in Linden clinch occur russian-made greatness. It's just a Russian crave. Klinikum assume that it's not a word. Old Slavic. Russia plans. Linzer bleeding or symbolically considered by early slavic people and. Pre-christian times as a symbol of the Sun during their Round four. They were traditionally here at the end of the winter down to the rebirth of the. New Sun butter week muslim it's also called pancake week the tradition was. Adapted by the Orthodox Church and is carried on to the present day. We're also served it wakes to commemorate the recently deceased. Traditional Russian billionaire made from used add better which is left her. Rise and then diluted with colder boiling water or milk diluted I'm sorry. That's all the time we have for this train hotdog blitz join me next week. When I'll talk about hot dog blitz may be better now I give up. Will find out together

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