1. [beep]

Welcome to Train Hot Dog, Episode um, I’m not quite sure, the podcast where I talk to myself on a train! This episode we’re going to be trying to figure out if it’s possible to, uh, do like noise reduction for better recording practices. Um, get a better sound quality while recording on a train, specifically on BART. So, let’s just get right into it.

“How to record on a train”. How to recording training video, training session, training staff. Before I typed in train it autocompleted how to record a Mac. Uh, Japan’s maglev train sets world record land speed record for rail vehicles: Japanese passenger train breaks its own speed record, uh, new train speed record set, Japan’s maglev train, ugh. “audio recording best practices train”. Train. So it thinks I mean Twain. Uh, train staff, audio narration recording best practices. There are seven ways to add audio to your brain shark (?). Uh, for a [unintelligible] night’s sleep best practice training tool CD. [2 taps/clicks] Train to teach certification pathway NECL(MECL?). Talk soft, AV best practices. Simplified by () forensic audio and video analysis. Um. “Noise reducti”-NOSE reduction (laughs), wow! Nose reduction surgery. “Nose reduction surgery on a train” Woman has a nose job after stranger on train told her…how huge it was and she believes cosmetic surgery helped her [something] job. Wow. Weightlifting after a rhinoplasty, what’s the worst that could happen? Alright, this is not helpful. Uh, “noise reduction train sounds” sounds. Help to reduce our new home’s train noise problem. That’s good, that’s good. Help me soundproof our new home against trains that run right behind our house. Materials, strategies, tips, all are appreciated.

[Mayfair station, Mayfair. Transfer point for….]

Uhh, double glazing on windows facing the train would help immensely. Well, okay, what if you’re IN the train? What if you’re ON the train?! Lining a row of dense hedges along your back fence line. Reduce train noise. Trains are a common nuisance in many communities-What if you’re ON the train? It’s (starting to feel like?) an insurmountable challenge, especially if you’re on a train. In spite of recent media coverage of train accidents and spills, the most enduring issue is the constant whistling that many that live next to train tracks deal with on a daily basis. Trains sound their whistles, or technically horns, as a safety precaution [Mayfair Station]. The FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) has made it a requirement for trains to sound their whistles between 5-20 seconds prior to entering a public highway rail grade crossing. If traveling greater than 60 miles per hour, the engineer will sound the horn at a quarter mile. Uh, the train whistle is kept above a minimum level of 90dB and below a maximum of 110dB. This will typically be well above the next loudest noise in the area, making them clearly audible to everyone in the vicinity. Train horn is blown in a 2 long, 1 short, 1 long pattern to distinguish it from any other noises the observer may hear. This is actually really interesting, but it’s not relevant to my problem.

Quiet Zones from train noise. Citizens are able to request a “quiet zone” in the area. In the quiet zone, a no horn restriction can be initiated to remove those pesky horns. Soundproofing a room. Window and noise reduction in window window insert(s) indow windows? Wow. Indow Windows is the website. Rail and aircraft sound fighter system

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